Crash landing is never fun … but what are your options when your navigation system just goes and malfunctions? Still, a strong and sturdy ROVE (Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer) is ready for anything, and knows exactly what to do in a jam like this – use those movement enhancement modules it comes equipped with! Scan, boost, drill, bridge, recharge … basically do whatever it takes to reach safety. There’s no time to lose. The power supply will only last for so long …

What Is It?

A spacial puzzle game where the player need to effectively manage their hand of movement cards to rearrange the modules into certain patterns in order to complete 7 missions and win.

The player can earn extra movement if their modules are in the arrangement on a movement card before they play it, and they can use each module’s special ability once per game, which can get them out of a tight spot. It’s all about puzzling out the best moves before you run out of cards/abilities.

Who Is It For?

  • 1 Player
  • Ages 10 + (The game itself says 8, but I think it might be difficult for a younger audience, so I’d recommend a smidge older)
  • Fans of very puzzley games / move optimization
  • Fans of cute lil robots

Expansions / Variants

Fascinating Flora Expansion adds 6 mission/movement cards. The cards allow you to refresh your module abilities if you have the right pattern present before you play it. This is a total game changer because those abilities can come in so clutch sometimes, so being able to use them more than once is awesome! The additional cards also add to the game’s replay value, so you aren’t just seeing the same missions every time.

Plus, the expansion allows you to play the Endurance Mode Variant, which has you keep playing after you complete 7 missions, and try to complete up to 12! The more you complete, the better title you earn. This is definitely tough, but a nice choice for a player very familiar with the game who wants to add to the challenge.


  • Aesthetics – The art is simple but very cute, and I love the little story the mission cards tell as you complete them and put them in a line
  • Components – Just some cards and a wallet, but everything is nice quality
  • Rules – Well-written, and game is quick to learn thanks to a small ruleset
  • Replay Value – The puzzle is always a little different!
  • Portable
  • No Friends Required


  • Takes up more room on the table once you’re moving stuff around than I thought it would, so while it’s small and portable, make sure you pull it out where you have enough room
  • Can get frustrating at times when you can’t find a move that seems to help you

Final Thoughts

This little game is a big brain buster. Admittedly, I was a bit lukewarm on it after the first play or two, but I kept coming back and the more I did, the more I found myself enamored with it. So many times during my plays I found myself muttering something along the lines of “What? This is impossible…I can’t possibly get to this mission with how my board was set up…”

But, after much staring and studying each time, I also found myself going “Oh! No, I can do it!” as I found the best path to take. And that’s kind of the beauty of the game. The moments you have where you finally solve the puzzle are exhilarating, and it is so satisfying when you finally complete 7 missions, especially if you had some close calls along the way, or get down to your last movement card. I definitely recommend this one to you solo gamers out there.

Additional Details:
My Final Rating: 8/10
Designers – Dustin Dobson, Milan Zivkovic
Artist – Dustin Dobson
Publisher – Button Shy
MSRP – $16.00 w/expansion
Available to Buy This Black Friday, 11/26/21
Save Get ROVE + the expansion for $10!


*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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