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My thoughts on a game, good and bad.

We Have To Help The Penguins!

Filming is wrapping up for your conservation TV show WildWorld, but all of a sudden, your production tent is ransacked! Something is wrong, and you’ll have to get to the bottom of this if you want the show to get finished so that you can make a different for all the Galápagos penguins. We’d better get to work!

How Impressive Are Your Crops?

Grandma Hortensia passed on without leaving a will, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard to keep impressing her! She’ll reappear three times to put her grandchildren to the test. If you want to inherit her land, you’ll have to prove you’re the most experienced farmer of the bunch by her third visit. Manage your money, fertilizer, and water effectively, and you’re sure to impress her! Now go on, and let your farm grow!

What Lies in the Ocean’s Depths?

Do you ever wonder what secrets, treasures, and creatures lurk within the ocean depths? Well, now we know. In the deepest waters, a civilization of sea-folk have built an entire world! Now that their resources are exhausted though, they will need to explore the depths to find more and keep their civilization alive. As one of the ocean kings, it is your duty to help your people by exploring, conquering, and recruiting. There is no time to waste!

Can You Escape The FOG?

The mysterious, perilous FOG is rolling in. No one who has been swallowed by it has ever come back… As the island Guardian, it is up to you to help the islanders escape before it’s too late. The path may be difficult to navigate, but with the islanders counting on you, we know you’ll be able to come to the rescue. Hurry now, before the FOG consumes the whole island!


We have an emergency! All of our cute and cuddly pets are sad 🙁

We need you to heal, feed, and love these little darlings and make them happy again!

Who will be able to make the most animals smile? Let’s find out!

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