Grandma Hortensia passed on without leaving a will, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard to keep impressing her! She’ll reappear three times to put her grandchildren to the test. If you want to inherit her land, you’ll have to prove you’re the most experienced farmer of the bunch by her third visit. Manage your money, fertilizer, and water effectively, and you’re sure to impress her! Now go on, and let your farm grow!

What Is It?

Rotating/Open Market – The game starts with a number of tiles in the market based on the number of players. Each round, one tile per player gets added to the market, of the type specified by the round tile

Resource Management – Players will be placing fertilizer and water on crops in order to get them ready to sell for points or money. Fully watered crops must be sold, so players will want to manage their water effectively if they want to wait for fertilizer before selling to gain more points/money

Variable Game Length – The game ends after 3 red moon round tiles are revealed. There are 5 tiles total (beside the starting round tile) so the game can last from 4 to 6 rounds

Variable Player Powers – Players can play the advanced mode of the game where each board has a unique ability which may affect the market, fertilizer, water, or points

  • 2 to 4 Players – I thought the game was okay at 2, the abilities didn’t seem great when you only had 2 players, so I think 3 or 4 is my preferred count for the most part
  • Ages 10 and Up – Rules are very straightforward; advanced mode is a little more strategic, but overall the game is very approachable
  • Fans of managing resources and variable player powers
  • Players who don’t mind not knowing how many rounds there will be


  • Aesthetics – The art is a little on the creepy side, and I think it’s awesome!
  • Components – Nice tiles, boards, and cubes
  • Rounds are quick and smooth; I like that a few things can be done simultaneously to keep things moving
  • Rules are laid out well and easy to learn from
  • It’s interesting that sold crops go back to the market and can be bought again instead of being removed. It’s nice to keep the market full and can potentially change players’ strategies too
  • I didn’t love the game at only 2 players. I thought it made the fertilizer, and the player abilities, uninteresting because you only had one player to choose when it came to interactions
  • Didn’t feel very different play to play

Final Thoughts

I was a bit on the fence about the variable game length on this. On one hand, it’s interesting not knowing how much time is left until you hit that last round, but on the other it can be frustrating because if you take a crop that needs more water too late, you won’t get anything for it, so there’s a bit of a “push your luck” element to it.

It also seemed that some abilities were more effective than others most of the time. I thought that the ability to put a coin on a tile in hope that another player buys it and has to pay you that money was just too easy for the other players to avoid, meaning the player with that ability got nothing, whereas every other player could activate their abilities more.

Despite these little things, I thought the game was a fun, light game. I like that it is very streamlined, and thus approachable for a wide audience, and I think it plays very smoothly and does not overstay its’ welcome.

If you like the theme, and enjoy some creepy-ish artwork, check it out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Designer – Ramiro Merinero
Artist – Esther Mendez
Publisher – Grand Gamers Guild
MSRP – 29.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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