Have you ever played that introduction game in school where everyone has to state their name and attach an adjective that not only describes them, but also starts with the first letter of their name? We used to play that a lot, and always in pairs, and I would always get called “Sassy Steph.”

At first I was a little offended, but I grew to appreciate my often cheeky sense of dry humor, and my undeniable knack to say something witty at a moment’s notice about practically anything. Thus, here we are today, and I am providing any of you who choose to read this with board game information in a sassy fashion (really, it’s a treat for you).

You want to know more about me? Oh…well, I guess I could tell you that I am a 5 time Tony Award winner from New Zealand with a passion for modeling and fashion designing and who is driven by my determination to succeed in making a name for New Zealanders in America. … Hey, I’m not wrong. I could tell you that…I didn’t say it would be the truth though.

Okay, alright fine, honesty hour. Here’s all you really need to know about me. I’m sassy as heck and I like elephants, books, music, Disney World, and, you guessed it, board games.

I was never much into playing board games until I met my husband who is, quite frankly, a board game fanatic. In fact, before I knew him the only board games I even knew about were the games everyone owned like Monopoly and Candy Land. However, now I’ve played a ton of unique board games, & I have to say I’m pretty in love with them too. They are fun, interesting, and there is always something different because there are so many options. I highly recommend getting into board games, and I’m hoping my posts can help some of you do that.