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Reviews of final production copies of games or products

Tomorrow is Just a Pattern Away

If you really want to create the most advanced city on the planet, you will have to have perfect balance among the 3 regions – only then can you succeed. Use the elements to the best of your abilities and complete the best projects in order to propel yourself ahead of the other entrepreneurs. We’d better get started!

Get Ready to Get Your Life Together!

Finally – a day off! Time for nothing but relaxation; just TV, games, reading … oh, but there are also chores to take care of too. Hmmm…. No problem! There’s 12 hours to spare, so I’m sure you can find the perfect balance between care and chores, as long as you drink plenty of coffee to help you through the day, of course! Well, we better get started before the day has gone to waste!

Guide Your Leaves to the Forest Floor!

Autumn is in the air, which means leaves are beginning to fall! The forest needs you to embody the wind and guide those leaves so they can connect to each other on the forest floor. Only the player who contributes the most to the health of the forest can win. Let’s get ready for fall!

Can You Catch The Night Hunter?

The Night Hunter has been behind bars for over 20 years … or, has he? With a new victim found, and a new case at hand, it’s difficult to believe this is just a copycat. The Bureau is handing you all the information they can. It’s up to you to determine who is committing the crimes, and catch them before they can strike again. Explore the evidence and uncover the truth before it’s too late. Hurry agents, there is no time to waste!

*I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible, but please keep in mind that there may be a spoiler or two ahead.*

Can You Escape Your Thanksgiving Fate?

You, young turkey, are destined to become someone’s delicious Thanksgiving feast. However, it seems like there might be a way out… See if you can escape your fate and live to see another glorious day! It’s time for The Turkey Trial!

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