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Reviews of final production copies of games or products

12 Dice, 12 Gifts, & Plenty of Luck

On the 12th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: 12 ruby red dice … and maybe a bunch of other stuff, but this is what matters most! Can you use these dice to mark off all the gifts on your holiday shopping list? We’d better find out!

How Beautiful Will Your Rainforest Be?

In the beautiful rainforest, trees grow tall, plants bloom, and wildlife thrives among them all. While the ecosystem is full of a variety of life, it is always important to balance that life so that the ecosystem can continue to thrive. Beware of threats to your rainforest, and keep building it bigger, better, and more beautiful!

Merry Bad Christmas to All!

Everyone loves a good gift-giving event! There are some interesting offerings in this year’s exchange, but some of them are just what you wanted! Go figure, right? Now you’ll have to swap and steal presents to check all your favorites off your list. Let’s check it out!

Collect Clues & Stop Those Thieves!

Oh no! One of the museum’s most prized artifacts has been stolen! We’ve locked the doors, and sounded the alarms, but we still have a number of suspects in our midst. It’s up to you famous detectives to gather the clues and find the thief, or thieves, responsible for this mess. Let’s hope they didn’t already get away … Hurry, there’s no time to lose!

What If Nightmares Were Actually Kinda Fun…?

In general, I am all about cheesy, weird, obscure, and even borderline “bad” games. But, I had no idea when I first looked at Nightmare that it would end up getting so much love from me and my group. I also had no clue I’d go on to play through the whole series of Nightmare games, and honestly have a lot of laughs with most of them. I don’t want to digress much, so without further ado, let’s face our nightmares….

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