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Reviews of final production copies of games or products

Pew Pew – That’s One Mean Robo!

Robos rule! Will your team of metal meanies be able to take down the competition, or will a perfectly pointed attack be your ultimate undoing? Position your robos wisely and prepare yourself for battle! Let’s check it out.

Race Your Line Around The Board!

Are you ready to race around the board? Do you think you can maneuver your way around your opponents and be the last one standing? Then you’re ready for RayRacers! Stake your claim on as much of the board as you can, and avoid getting cut off at all costs and you can cruise your way to a victory! Let’s check it out.

Fame Favors the Boldest Ruler!

If you’re ready to make your mark on history, now is your chance! As you take on the role of a Maya royal family, you will strategize your best moves to expand your kingdom, construct your pyramid, and receive the favor of the gods. There are many ways to earn fame, but only if you earn the most will you be recognized forever by the deities. Let’s get started!

Keep Your Score Afloat

Are you an expert in folded paper art, and all things sea related? Well, luckily, you don’t have to be for this one! In Sea Salt & Paper you just have to collect sets, play duos, and make sure you get the round to end at just the right time to score you the most points. Simple enough, right? I guess we’ll find out!

Gotta Collect Them All!

Can you maneuver your way around and collect the most sets of Aethermon? Now’s your chance to find out! The more sets you complete, the better you will score. It’s time to show you have what it takes to be an AetherRen yourself! Let’s get started!

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