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Get Ready to Explore the Galaxy!

There’s a great big gorgeous galaxy out there, just waiting to be discovered! Build starships to make your way around the systems to uncover more and more of what’s out there – from energy, to alien planets, and beyond. You’ll need to do all you can to make sustainable colonies, productive factories, and cement your presence among the stars. Let’s get started!

Can You Escape Your Thanksgiving Fate?

You, young turkey, are destined to become someone’s delicious Thanksgiving feast. However, it seems like there might be a way out… See if you can escape your fate and live to see another glorious day! It’s time for The Turkey Trial!

Fame Favors the Boldest Ruler!

If you’re ready to make your mark on history, now is your chance! As you take on the role of a Maya royal family, you will strategize your best moves to expand your kingdom, construct your pyramid, and receive the favor of the gods. There are many ways to earn fame, but only if you earn the most will you be recognized forever by the deities. Let’s get started!

Sing Happy Birthday to You & Solve Puzzles Too!

It’s my birthday and I’ll cry if I want to, cry if I want to, cry… wait. I don’t want to cry… I want to solve puzzles! Oh, looks like I can with The Birthday Burglary! We’ll solve puzzles, open presents, and eat all the cake that we can! We’d better get started!

What’s the Problem, Pumpkin?

If you have some grim, grinning ghosts coming out to socialize this spooky season, and aren’t sure how to entertain them, consider introducing them to The Pumpkin Problem! No…not a pumpkin who has a problem, but a light, Halloween-themed puzzle game! Here, let’s check it out together.

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