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How Impressive Are Your Crops?

Grandma Hortensia passed on without leaving a will, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard to keep impressing her! She’ll reappear three times to put her grandchildren to the test. If you want to inherit her land, you’ll have to prove you’re the most experienced farmer of the bunch by her third visit. Manage your money, fertilizer, and water effectively, and you’re sure to impress her! Now go on, and let your farm grow!

Help Rescue The Stolen Art!

Art Rescue Team – we need your help! The White Hand Corporation is at it again, stealing valuable piece of art from all across the world. We need you to put a stop to it. Travel to all the locations they have been spotted and recover the stolen art so we can bring it back to where it belongs. Use your resources wisely and make sure you communicate effectively. We’re counting on you!

Who Will Have The Most Gorgeous Garden?

If you’re going to stand a chance at competing for the crown, then you’ll need to complete the best landscapes to form panoramas in your garden, and secure the goodwill of the Gods. Will your garden be deemed the most beautiful, or will you be edged out by another competitor?

Get Ready to Explore the Galaxy!

There’s a great big gorgeous galaxy out there, just waiting to be discovered! Build starships to make your way around the systems to uncover more and more of what’s out there – from energy, to alien planets, and beyond. You’ll need to do all you can to make sustainable colonies, productive factories, and cement your presence among the stars. Let’s get started!

Fame Favors the Boldest Ruler!

If you’re ready to make your mark on history, now is your chance! As you take on the role of a Maya royal family, you will strategize your best moves to expand your kingdom, construct your pyramid, and receive the favor of the gods. There are many ways to earn fame, but only if you earn the most will you be recognized forever by the deities. Let’s get started!

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