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My thoughts on a game, good and bad.

At Least Digital Cats Can’t Cause Allergies!

Who doesn’t love a comfy, cozy quilt? Especially when you don’t actually have to learn how to sew it yourself! Now, you can create cozy quilts for cuddly kitties from your computer with Quilts and Cats of Calico on Steam! Create the best patterns, collect plenty of buttons, and attract as many cute little cats as you can! Good luck!

Gloom Lurks Behind Every Corner…

As a member of the Charming Family, you’re just trying to live your best life, in peace. Unfortunately, the villagers in Banebridge seem hellbent on making sure that doesn’t happen. They are working overtime to turn up evidence against the family, and prove foul play. Well, desperate times call for desperate measures, so it’s up to you to do whatever it takes to protect the Charming name. Whether that involves bribery, coercion, or even….murder.

What Wonders Will You Construct?

Are you ready to build the most glorious city in the world? Choose wisely which buildings and monuments you want to include in your slice of the world, and plan your roads accordingly to allow your city to flourish. Whatever you do, don’t let your rivals snag the best monuments out from under you! Let’s get building!

The Pen is in Your Hands!

A detective, a gambler, and an actor walk into a bar…or do they? What happens next? That’s all up to you! The plot is all up to you. Will you aim to solve a murder? Uncover a big secret? Catch a thief in the act? Let’s find out as the chapters unfold!


Are you ready to fight?? Take on the role of an epic hero from Acquisitions Incorporated and engage in an intense dual! Will you deplete your opponent’s health with strong attacks, will you come in for a sneaky execution while they try to rest, or will you be the one without the right abilities in hand to get you a win? Guess we will have to play and see!

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