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Time to Forage for Fun!

Leaves are falling and nature is calling! Whether you need chestnuts for stew, blackberries for juice, or mushrooms for a risotto (maybe even all 3) you’ll need to search the woodland to find all the food you can! Gather the greatness before those pesky mice can eat it all up! Let’s get foraging!

Get Ready to Get Your Life Together!

Finally – a day off! Time for nothing but relaxation; just TV, games, reading … oh, but there are also chores to take care of too. Hmmm…. No problem! There’s 12 hours to spare, so I’m sure you can find the perfect balance between care and chores, as long as you drink plenty of coffee to help you through the day, of course! Well, we better get started before the day has gone to waste!

Can You Survive This Solo Slasher?

In the face of danger, do you run, or do you fight? As the Final Girl, you are the last one standing. With nothing between you and the ruthless killer who has already decimated everyone around them, you know it’s do or die – kill or be killed … and you aren’t ready to lay down and die tonight.

Create Your Kingdom With Dice!

As the new Earl, you’ll hereupon be in charge of managing this small, peaceful Duchy. Will you focus on keeping monsters at bay, or is building roads to new domains more important to you? How you choose to run things is entirely your choice, but remember, choices have consequences, and only the finest territory will be awarded the title of Southern Capital of Valeria. Will you make the Queen proud, or simply fall to the wayside?

If You Can Dream It, You Can Write It!

Tell me about sailing across the seven seas in search of the answer to an age-old mystery. Or, perhaps you’d rather describe the way the winds of change carried you to a long lost friend, and reunited you through a beautiful memory? Whatever you hope to imagine, In Dreams can help it come to life. Step inside this slightly surreal world, and see what is in store!

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