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First-look takes at games going to Kickstarter/Gamefound or general prototypes before the game’s final production.

Gotta Collect Them All!

Can you maneuver your way around and collect the most sets of Aethermon? Now’s your chance to find out! The more sets you complete, the better you will score. It’s time to show you have what it takes to be an AetherRen yourself! Let’s get started!

It’s Time to Shake Things Up!

City planners wanted! It’s time to shake things up in order to design the best block and help this thriving city continue to grow. Only one can be dubbed the very best city planner around – will it be you?

More Food for Your Ducks!

We always have so much fun getting our favorite little ducks in tow and feeding them some yummy seeds. Today, let’s treat them to some bugs and slugs too! With our new bug jars in hand, we can collect plenty of bugs in no time at all. Let’s take a walk with the ducks!

I Got a Pocket Full of Adventure!

If you want to explore terrains of all types, collect precious gold, and defeat the most dreadful monsters, you’re in luck! You can take them with you wherever you go with Pocket Book Adventures. Now, your next adventure is just a pencil line away. Let’s take a closer look together.

If You Can Dream It, You Can Write It!

Tell me about sailing across the seven seas in search of the answer to an age-old mystery. Or, perhaps you’d rather describe the way the winds of change carried you to a long lost friend, and reunited you through a beautiful memory? Whatever you hope to imagine, In Dreams can help it come to life. Step inside this slightly surreal world, and see what is in store!

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