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PAXU 2022 Preview

Hey Gamers! As always, I am so excited to be going to PAX Unplugged again this year. I’m even more excited because this is the first year I’m attending with an official media badge! 🎉 I’m not totally sure how much that will change my experience, but I’m looking forward to at least being able to get into the hall early to talk to publishers or take some photos/videos of the empty expo hall.

As a lead-up to the event, I wanted to highlight a few games I am excited to check out, a few booths I’m excited to visit, and more. If you want to look at the full lists I’m referencing, you can check out the First Look Preview List and the Expo Hall List! Personally, I’m not a big panel or event person, I mostly roam the expo hall and go to free-play, so if you want to know more about events, guests, etc, you might want to check out the Schedule, or just visit PAXU’s Website directly to find what you’re looking for. Let’s get started!

PAXU: The Highlights

Howdy, gamers! I got back from PAX Unplugged today and the whole weekend was a blast. I met up with some publishers, bought/sold/traded/played tons of games, did plenty of pin trading, and just had a grand ol’ time. Check out the weekend’s highlights and some pictures below!

GenCon with The Op

Image provided by The Op

Hey there, all you gorgeous gamers, and welcome back! Today I’ve got a treat for you in the form of an interview! I don’t usually get to go to Gen Con, and this year is no different. But since no one else is going either, I was lucky enough to book a virtual interview with Ross from The Op! I got to sit down with him and talk about all of the AWESOME things they have in store for everyone, and what’s already available! So if you their games and want to learn more, read on!

G2S 2020 Recap + Weekly Plays (3/2 – 3/8)

What is up, my gamer crew? I hope you all had a spectacular week of gaming!

This week in addition to weekly game night with friends, and our every night 2 player gaming, we attended Granite Game Summit 2020! It’s such a great little convention that we’re always excited to go to. Read on to see a recap of the event – there will be highlights, details, and even area food suggestions! If you’re just interested in seeing the weekly plays list, just keep scrolling down! Plays from the event start at Claim.

Do you get excited about a particular convention each year? If so, which one?

Happy Gaming~

PAXU 2019 In The Books!

Hey Gamers! I hope you all had an amazing weekend – I know I did! Another Pax Unplugged has concluded and once again I had a ton of fun. From playing new games to meeting new people, and of course buying loads of games from my wishlist, it was a great time! This year was the first year I met with a few publishers, gave out some business cards, and now have a bunch of games on the soon-to-review list (so keep an eye out for those!) Check out below for some fun things I talked to people about and con photos! If you’d rather check out what I played all week and see those photos click here!

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