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At Least Digital Cats Can’t Cause Allergies!

Who doesn’t love a comfy, cozy quilt? Especially when you don’t actually have to learn how to sew it yourself! Now, you can create cozy quilts for cuddly kitties from your computer with Quilts and Cats of Calico on Steam! Create the best patterns, collect plenty of buttons, and attract as many cute little cats as you can! Good luck!

Dang Cat Knocked Over the Coffee Again!

Your pesky human is still trying to balance their day, but they won’t succeed. At least … not on your watch. You’ll do whatever you can to spill their precious coffee and really throw them off their game. They don’t stand a chance. Let’s get catty!

Puzzle Me This, Roll Player!

If you love a good puzzle, and love the artwork of games from Thunderworks games, then you’re in luck! They have a few puzzles available that you’ll probably want to check out. Let’s take a quick look!

We Need to Find the Weavlings!

Upset about being put on a diet, the weavlings have fled their home, in favor of the tender wilds. Now, it’s up to you, the weavling trapper, to lure them back home. Can you rebuild the weavling population, or will the beasties get the better of you? There’s only one way to find out!

ROVE is on the Move!

Crash landing is never fun … but what are your options when your navigation system just goes and malfunctions? Still, a strong and sturdy ROVE (Results-Oriented Versatile Explorer) is ready for anything, and knows exactly what to do in a jam like this – use those movement enhancement modules it comes equipped with! Scan, boost, drill, bridge, recharge … basically do whatever it takes to reach safety. There’s no time to lose. The power supply will only last for so long …

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