Your pesky human is still trying to balance their day, but they won’t succeed. At least … not on your watch. You’ll do whatever you can to spill their precious coffee and really throw them off their game. They don’t stand a chance. Let’s get catty!

An expansion deck for Self Careless that makes the game 2-player, having one player play as the cat. The cat uses their deck to move around the grid, to take the coffee token off the board and activate their own coffee powers. The cat also has a few ability cards in their deck to help them further mess with the human player. At game end, the cat earns one point for every point the human doesn’t earn (out of 13 possible), so they want to prevent a balanced day in order to win.

  • 2 Players – The game, with the expansion, is for exactly 2 players – 1 human, 1 cat
  • Ages 12 & Up / Lighter Gamers – Fairly light gameplay overall, so it’s good for a wide age/skill range
  • Fans of Self Careless who want a different 2 player experience than the variant in the box
  • Fans of trying to mess up the hard work of someone else

  • Aesthetics – Really cute art (I’m a big fan of Cassandra Comics)
  • Quality – Nice cards, chunky cat token
  • Plays smoothly and quickly
  • Adds a new layer to the game, which adds more variability
  • Simple rules, so it’s easy to add into the game
  • Very thematic to the stereotypical nature of cats
  • I wish you could add the cat deck into the solo game as like an AI instead of needing to play at 2, just to have a different challenge
  • I feel like it’s difficult to do well as the cat a lot of times. A lot of it comes down to the luck of the draw for both players, but it just always seemed like the cat had less control over the state of the game

This is a very simple addition to the game, which I always like when getting game expansions. I mentioned in my original review that I quite preferred the solo game to the 2-player “balance battle” mode. This definitely changes the 2-player game, and I would say it was more interesting than the players working on separate boards.

While I’d still pick the solo game first most of the time, I did think that the idea of a cat just trying to mess things up for their human was super cute and thematic, and did work really well for the game. If you already enjoy the game, and want a pretty good 2-player experience, definitely consider adding it on!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Designer – Jason Anarchy
Artist – Cassandra Calin
Publisher – Jason Anarchy Games
MSRP – $39.99 (Deluxe Edition)

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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