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Dang Cat Knocked Over the Coffee Again!

Your pesky human is still trying to balance their day, but they won’t succeed. At least … not on your watch. You’ll do whatever you can to spill their precious coffee and really throw them off their game. They don’t stand a chance. Let’s get catty!

Ooey, Gooey, Cheesy, and Firey Too!

The moment you have been waiting for is finally here! You get to build your very own cheese factory! Buy all the machines you can to help you out, and stock up on ingredients so you can make all the best and boldest cheese you can dream about! But, keep a sharp eye on the competition because they’re always trying to start fires in your factory and destroy your best machines. May the best cheese maker be crowned the big cheese!

Cheer Up Your Sad Friend in No Time!

We all get sad sometimes, and that’s okay. That’s why our friends are there to try and cheer us up! Right now, you have a sad friend, and your goal is to turn their frown upside down by matching their feelings and brain goop (ya know, that weird stuff in our heads that gets to us and sometimes makes us sad). You can do it! Now go, go, go!

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