If you love a good puzzle, and love the artwork of games from Thunderworks games, then you’re in luck! They have a few puzzles available that you’ll probably want to check out. Let’s take a quick look!


  • Aesthetics – Really nice look, using the same art from the Roll Player game (Cartographers artwork also available!)
  • Quality – The pieces are a nice thickness, fit together well without being too tight; also come apart easily as well
  • Comes with a poster as well!


  • A few pieces were stuck together when first opened, but since the quality is good, it was easy enough to break them apart before beginning
  • There are a lot of really dark sections in the image, which all sort of blended together, and made it hard to put together. So, you might want to be up for a challenge with this one!

Final Thoughts

If you like big puzzles, and a little bit of challenge from a lot of dark areas in the image, then get this one! It’s big, it’s got great art, and it’ll look great in your game room! 🙂

Additional Info:
MSRP – $20.00
Website – Roll Player
Website – Cartographers

*I was provided this puzzle to do this review*

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