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Grow Your Territories & Collect Your Favor!

The dragon god Azema has created a new world – Ulos. A world where once isolated mortal races can come together in harmony. They, however, feel differently. Armies are coming, not for peace, but for control over the newly formed lands. As a god yourself, you are intrigued by these petty mortal squabbles. You must decide which mortals are worth investing in, or maybe even which to help in expanding their territories. Will you be able to gain the most favor with Azema by making the right investments? Let’s find out.

Puzzle Me This, Roll Player!

If you love a good puzzle, and love the artwork of games from Thunderworks games, then you’re in luck! They have a few puzzles available that you’ll probably want to check out. Let’s take a quick look!

It’s Time to Breakout of the Lockup!

It’s said that the twisted, winding catacombs beneath the prison lead to great treasures, the tomb of a warrior, and best of all, freedom. Do you think it could be true? Might as well try to find out. After all, what have you got to lose when you’re already in jail? While most of your crew continues to recruit goons and craft contraband, send your Seeker into the depths to find out what truly lies below!

Locked Up and Ready to Be Free!

Psst, come ‘ere. Shhh. Don’t draw any attention to yourself, you heard? You looking to get outta this here clink? Well, it’s about that time of year. The king’ll be releasing the toughest gang of prisoners to the Colosseum soon to fight for their freedom. Can you and your crew craft enough contraband and recruit enough goons to build up your reputation, while still keeping the suspicion from the guards off ya backs? Better find out, and you only got 6 days to do it, so hop to, bud!

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