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Are Your Tactics Up To The Challenge?

After fighting to defend their land, mercenaries now look to prove their worth. Whether you’re fighting for control, breaking through barriers, or just trying to completely crush your opponents, you’ll need to strategize and play to your team’s strengths in order to succeed. Use covered spots and elevation to your advantage, and be aggressive while also being tactical. Think you’re ready to fight? Then let the battle begin!

The Road to Victory is Paved with Silver

The discovery of silver has brought economic boom to this city! Take charge of a wealthy family and use your influence in various guilds to expand the city and change the economy. Pay close attention to the supply and demand of everything, and seize the best opportunities whenever you can! Let’s get building!

Collect, Build, & Win!

Do you like collectible card games, but hate spending all your real money on boosters just chasing that perfect card for your deck? Then Millennium Blades is your new to-go game! All the thrill of blind boosters, card collecting, trading, and deck building, and the added convenience of guilt-free fake money! Ready to enter the tournament? Let’s check it out!


Are you ready to fight?? Take on the role of an epic hero from Acquisitions Incorporated and engage in an intense dual! Will you deplete your opponent’s health with strong attacks, will you come in for a sneaky execution while they try to rest, or will you be the one without the right abilities in hand to get you a win? Guess we will have to play and see!

The Battlefield is Calling, Lions

The days of compromise are over. The time for conquering is now! As you take control of one of the grand armies vying for control of the galaxy. You will learn your strengths, and, more importantly, your opponents’ weaknesses. Manage your units, conquer the battlefield, and earn the most medals to arise victorious! Let’s go!

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