Evolve Your Species & Your Strategy!

Will you eat up all the water in the watering hole, or get carnivorous on your opponents and devour their populations instead? Can you do it all while surviving sweltering heat or frigid chills, and dealing with events that may throw off the balance of your species? Well, you can find out all from your phone with Evolution: Climate on mobile! Let’s check it out.

What Is It?

A mobile implementation of Evolution: Climate for Android or iOS. You can play local games against an AI (there are various personalities to choose from so you can try your skills against multiple strategies), pass and play, or the 24-level campaign, or play games online. There are also daily/weekly challenges available for players to try for added variability. The multi-player game is also cross-platform, so you can play against friends on iOS, Android, Steam and Switch.

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 12+
  • Fans of the board game who want a mobile option
  • Fans of digital board gaming in general
    • Fans of hand management and take that
  • 1 Player (Pass and Play allows for more, but I like it best solo against AI)


  • You don’t have to be super familiar with the rules to play – no rules to read in-game, but a helpful tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know!
  • Nice music/sound effects to set the stage
  • Lots of options for gameplay – from player count, to different AI personalities, to crossplay, and more!
  • Helpful tips are included on loading screens
  • Great interface – everything is smooth, loads quickly, and works well
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • On an average phone, some of the text is small and can be hard to read, even when you enlarge cards. Might be better on a tablet device.

Final Thoughts

I have to admit, I’m not the biggest fan of Evolution as a board game. But, I like trying new digital/mobile games to see if they work better. This one definitely did! I quickly became enthralled with the game, and kept clicking “new game” as soon as I finished one.

The app itself is super smooth and quick to load, with fast animations, customizable settings, and even personalization options (avatar/color). That quick gameplay kept me coming back because I wasn’t bogged down by constant shuffling, or long waits between my own turns. I also loved that I didn’t have to read a lot of rules to get started, even though I didn’t know the rules super well at first. The walkthrough is perfect for a first time player, or anyone who just needs a refresher (but you can also skip it if you know how to play!)

If you like the board game and enjoy digital games in general, this will be a great choice for you. Or, if you’re new to the game and like a digital experience, it’s a great one to try. I definitely recommend it!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating: 7/10
Designers – Dominic Crapuchettes, Dmitry Knorre, Sergey Machin
Artists – Ben Goldman, Catherine Hamilton
Publisher – North Star Games

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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If you like what I do, consider Supporting Me.

Images are all in-game screenshots.


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  1. Ted F

    Well Steph you’ve inspired me to resurrect this app on my phone!
    I might like the app more than the board game in person…

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