The Pancake Monster is HUNGRY and it wants you to feed it all your pancakes! Banana, blueberry, strawberry, chocolate … everything you’ve got! But watch out! Sometimes this little monster has a BIG bite! Can you feed it all your pancakes before someone else does? Let’s find out!

What Is It?

A children’s game where players feed pancakes to a hungry monster! As they do, they will click the button in its mouth a number of times equal to the number of toppings on their pancake. If the monster doesn’t pop up, the player is safe, and play passes to the next player. But … if the monster POPS, then the player must collect all the pancakes in the monster’s belly! The first player to get rid of all their pancakes wins!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 3 +
  • 2 -4 Players
  • Kids who love a good toy factor
  • Families who like some silly fun


Laundry – Each player gets any 3 (clean) articles of clothing from around the house. It plays much the same as the normal rules, except players must feed the monster a pancake with the same flavor as the player before them in order to feed the monster their laundry. The first one to get rid of all their laundry wins! It’s a small but cute twist on the game that teaches small kids a bit of matching!


  • Toy factor is awesome, it’s such a cute monster, and the popping is fun every time
  • Easy assembly; easy to reset
  • 2 ways to play
  • Teaches kids counting and matching
  • Quality – The basket mechanism is sturdy, and the cards are nice quality and it’s clear what the different toppings are


  • The box is kind of flimsy
  • Can sometimes pop what seems like too often, so you have to reset frequently, which can be less fun if kids are getting impatient

Final Thoughts

This game is so adorable and a lot of fun (even for adults if you ask me! As long as you can appreciate some silliness every so often that is). It’s fun for kids, because the pop-up is exciting, but I think it’s great that it can also serve as a small teaching tool for counting and matching for younger players too!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating: 6/10
Publisher – Blue Orange Games
MSRP – $29.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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