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We have an emergency! All of our cute and cuddly pets are sad 🙁

We need you to heal, feed, and love these little darlings and make them happy again!

Who will be able to make the most animals smile? Let’s find out!

Help Rescue The Stolen Art!

Art Rescue Team – we need your help! The White Hand Corporation is at it again, stealing valuable piece of art from all across the world. We need you to put a stop to it. Travel to all the locations they have been spotted and recover the stolen art so we can bring it back to where it belongs. Use your resources wisely and make sure you communicate effectively. We’re counting on you!

What Will You Uncover Beyond the Rift?

Whether you take on the role of a reluctant warrior, a mistress of the arcane, of a fallen noble, you will need to embrace your strengths and communicate with your comrades in order to succeed. Explore Zanziar and work your way through the story – defeating enemies along the way, and winning (or losing) as a team.


Are you ready to fight?? Take on the role of an epic hero from Acquisitions Incorporated and engage in an intense dual! Will you deplete your opponent’s health with strong attacks, will you come in for a sneaky execution while they try to rest, or will you be the one without the right abilities in hand to get you a win? Guess we will have to play and see!

Let’s Party, Monsters!

It’s party time! Monsters love a good shindig, but will you be able to throw the biggest party on the block? Lay out the best party favors to draw in the crowds, and your party will surely go down in history! Let’s get partying!

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