Are you ready to fight?? Take on the role of an epic hero from Acquisitions Incorporated and engage in an intense dual! Will you deplete your opponent’s health with strong attacks, will you come in for a sneaky execution while they try to rest, or will you be the one without the right abilities in hand to get you a win? Guess we will have to play and see!

Simultaneous Action Selection – Each round players will each choose a card from hand to play, revealing at the same time, attempting to use its ability.

Rock-Paper-Scissors – Some cards have certain counters (cards they cancel out). If one player plays a card that counters their opponent’s, the countered card returns to the owner’s hand, and the ability does not trigger.

Variable Player Powers – Abilities on cards in player decks are different, and each character has a unique and more powerful “Ultimate,” which may be passive or might be ability-based, meaning it will go to their hand and they can try to play it like their other cards.

Hand Management – Players will not pick up used cards until they play their “Rest” card, but if their opponent plays “Execute” when they rest, they will be eliminated. Players need to keep an eye on their own hand to ensure they don’t give their opponent an easy win.

  • 2 Players – A head-to-head card game for exactly 2
  • Ages 12 & Up / Light Gamers – Simple gameplay, good for those who like quick games with small rule sets, but still a bit of light strategy
  • Fans of quick head-to-head card games
  • Fans of the Pocket Paragons system and/or the Acquisitions Incorporated IP
  • Players who like hand management, variable player powers, simultaneous action selection, and who don’t mind that the game can end rather quickly

You can play a Standard Game – 1 vs 1 paragon, last standing wins; Legacy Game – play with 3 paragons each. When one loses, pass one of their abilities on to the next character you play. You are lose when all 3 of your characters are defeated; or Conquest Game – Play with 3 paragons each, and you must win a game with each in order to win.

The different game modes aren’t drastic changes, which is nice because you can jump into any of them without needing to read a ton of extra rules or anything (just the ability inheritance for legacy). I think all of them work fine. Standard can definitely be a little short at time. Legacy is neat because the ability inheritance allows for a bit of a “catch-up” mechanic to try and give the person who just lost a leg up. If you like the game, they’re all worth giving a shot!

  • Aesthetics – Nice art and graphic design
  • Components – Good quality cards and health/energy dials
  • Rules – Straightforward, well-written; easy teach
  • Very easy set-up
  • Plays smoothly and quickly
  • Nice variety of characters to choose from + game modes
  • Complexity rating on characters help inform your choice
  • Helpful keyword glossary in the rulebook
  • Can sometimes be a bit short if someone pulls off an early execute; it sometimes feels very “lucky,” more the strategic
  • Storage solution isn’t my favorite; the cards just kind of fall over or get stacked in the box instead of the dividers fitting nicely

I have played other Pocket Paragon games before, and this one was pretty much the same, just some different characters, and I do like these characters!

Overall, I think this game is fine. I like that it is quick and easy to play and everything about the rules is very clear. I’m just not a big fan of the fact that you can insta-lose because of a single card play; I prefer to play trying to deplete your opponent’s health, but it isn’t always a viable strategy, of course.

Regardless, for a head-to-head card game it works well, so if you like this style of game, definitely check it out!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 5/10

Designer – Brian McKay
Publisher – Solis Game Studio
MSRP – $24.95

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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