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The Battlefield is Calling, Lions

The days of compromise are over. The time for conquering is now! As you take control of one of the grand armies vying for control of the galaxy. You will learn your strengths, and, more importantly, your opponents’ weaknesses. Manage your units, conquer the battlefield, and earn the most medals to arise victorious! Let’s go!

Claim Your Seat on the Throne!

There’s no beating around the bush – the King is dead. Who will take up the mantle? An heir was never named… so what will this mean? As his inheritor, you must prove that you are worthy enough to be crowned the new ruler and lead the Five Realms. Build influence, gather the support of clan leaders, complete quests, claim honors, and eventually soar to victory. Go on – get started!

Explore the Planets & Create a New World!

You are the Commander of one of the six surviving factions from the Star Union. You’ve set out to explore the seven planets so you can continue rebuilding civilization for the better. You will encounter fights and diplomatic relations, seize landmarks, rediscover lost technologies, and search for valuable resources along the way. Will you succeed in creating a new (and improved) world?

Something Wicked is Brewing

Eye of rabbit, tongue of newt, dead man’s toe, and … no, no, that can’t be right …

Witchcraft isn’t always easy, but being a successful witch is all about wielding powerful magical ingredients to brew beautiful, bubbling potions! But beware, too many ingredients isn’t always a good thing. Too much power can cause things to explode, and let other witches gain power over you. It’s time to reveal who’s the best witch of the bunch.

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