A plethora of pies are your for the pilfering! Collect these delectable desserts quickly, or you’ll be left with nothing but crumbs! Can you pick up the most pie points to win, or will your opponents be fed and full, while your stomach keeps rumbling? Let’s find out!

What Is It?

Drafting – Players take turns choosing a card from the baker’s rack. Taking a “moar” card lets them take another available pie of the same type from the rack. Taking a pie with “grabby paws” allows them to swipe pies of the same type from one other player, equal to the number of paws on the card.

Set Collection – Players want to have the most of each type of pie in order to score points according to a scoring card, which will change every round. Tying with someone, however, will cancel out both players’ cards and might allow someone else with less points to reap the rewards instead.

The player with the most points after 3 rounds wins!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 7+; Families – It has a small ruleset and smooth turns
  • 2 – 4 Players – 2 player games have a slightly different baker’s rack set up, but the game works well at any count
  • Fans of light drafting games
  • Players who don’t mind a little take-that


  • Aesthetics – The art is nice across the board from the critters to the pies
  • Quality – Nice cards and cardboard tokens; solid box, though a bit big for what’s in it
  • Rules – Well-written, easy to learn from
  • Smooth turn / round flow
  • I like the punny title/theme to bring new life to the game
  • Take-that element doesn’t feel overly mean/aggressive for the most part
  • The “last player larceny” (where the player with the least points in rounds 1 and 2 an steal 1 treasure from a player) is a nice, simple catch up mechanic


  • Can be easy to gang up on a player if you want by continuously stealing from the same person
  • I wish the game came with more point tokens. At 4 players you constantly have to exchange for the higher ones
  • The rule book featured fun animal art and I wish that had been used a bit more on the cards as well

Final Thoughts

This game is definitely cute and simple, but has more strategy than you might think! It’s a fun balance of trying to optimize your own moves and trying not to open up good moves for your opponents as you reveal cards on the baker’s rack. It works well as a light family game for a good age range, or serves as a solid filler during a heavier game night. I highly recommend adding a rule where the winner buys everyone pie to make things a little more interesting!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Restored from Buried Treasure by Sid Sackson, published by F.X. Schmid
Game Restoration – Rob Daviau, Brian Neff, Noah Cohen, and Justin D. Jacobson
Artist – Heather Vaughan
Publishers – Restoration Games, Eagle-Gryphon Games
MSRP – $20.00

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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