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Build the Best Village!

A house here, a school there, oh, and maybe a tea stall on the corner! That’ll do nicely. As a leader of the Panchayat, you’ll need to turn a plot of plain land into a thriving little village of your own. Will you have the most flourishing village around, or will the neighboring villages outshine you? Let’s see!

Who’s Hungry for Sushi?

Hungry? Let’s have sushi! Get ready to feast on a variety of sushi types, enjoy some side dishes, and maybe try a little wasabi, if you’re feeling adventurous! Be kind to the staff and they may help you get even more sushi on your plate. Well, come on, grab a menu and let’s eat!

Claim Your Seat on the Throne!

There’s no beating around the bush – the King is dead. Who will take up the mantle? An heir was never named… so what will this mean? As his inheritor, you must prove that you are worthy enough to be crowned the new ruler and lead the Five Realms. Build influence, gather the support of clan leaders, complete quests, claim honors, and eventually soar to victory. Go on – get started!

Always. Be. Winning!

Always. Be. Winning. That’s how it goes in Red7. You may not always be playing the same game at the start and the end of your turn, but whatever the active game is on the canvas, you’d better be winning it, or you’re out! For now, anyway. There’s always a chance to earn points next round! Let’s check this one out.

Recruit Your Best Team of Heroes!

Adversaries are threatening the kingdom, and it is up to you to recruit the best team of heroes to take them down. It may not be easy, but with proper preparation, your team will be able to complete missions, take down baddies, and save the kingdom! You’d better get started.

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