We have an emergency! All of our cute and cuddly pets are sad 🙁

We need you to heal, feed, and love these little darlings and make them happy again!

Who will be able to make the most animals smile? Let’s find out!

Card Drawing – Each turn, players must draw 2 cards from the market – pets and/or help cards. When players play some of the animal cards, or earn some locations, they may trigger additional draw effects that will give them bonus cards if they are available in the market at the time

Set Collection – Players will need to collect the correct help cards required to turn a sad animal happy. Once they have them, they can discard them to flip the pet card. They will also be able to claim certain location cards for bonus points if they collect the right combinations of happy pets required

  • 1 to 4 Players – Solo is pretty quick and light, and it can be nice that no one can take the cards you want most. I think I prefer the multi-player for this one, and it works well at any count
  • Ages 8 & Up / Light or Family-Weight Gamers – Small ruleset, quick teach, and speedy turns
  • Fans of card games and set collection
  • Fans of taking care of adorable pets!

More Animal Cards Revealed4 instead of 3 – Simple change, but it can be nice to give you more options on your turn

End of Game Scoring – The player who has the most horizontal cards in a color gets 3 points (1 point if tied) – Again, a simple change, but it adds some variety and a little extra competition over certain cards

Solo – Plays very much the same as the mutli-player, but has a 9-round timer, which the player can also choose to remove cards from to rotate the market more – It’s a cute little solo option, very quick and clean. It can definitely be tricky to score well on the given scale within the 9 rounds!

  • Aesthetics – Super cute artwork
  • Components – Cards are nice quality
  • Rules – Well-written and clear
  • Symbology for animal types/needs and draw effects is clear
  • Smooth turn flow
  • With the draw effects on some cards, there’s possibilities for fun combos on turns to get a few extra draws
  • Quick to teach and to play
  • Very approachable play style
  • Small/portable; not much table space needed
  • Equal turns
  • I thought the “sparkle” effect on the happy side of the animal cards looked a bit weird, almost like the cards were wet
  • I wish it could have been played with more players because of how approachable it is

I thought this was super cute! The rules are super straightforward, so it’s easy to get right into, and the set-up and clean-up are minimal, so it’s easy to play a few games as well!

Of course, there’s always luck of the draw in this type of a card game, and you might have some times where you can’t get what you want, or it seems like you just aren’t getting many points. But for how light and quick it is, I definitely don’t mind much if that does happen. Plus, there’s still plenty of options each turn to work on getting some happy animals!

Overall, if you like animals, set collection, and quick card games, it’s worth adding to your collection!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10

Designer – William Cavaglieri
Artists – Pit Baldriz, Sabine Machaczek
Publishers – Arcane Wonders, Studio Supernova
MSRP – $14.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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