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Can You Escape The FOG?

The mysterious, perilous FOG is rolling in. No one who has been swallowed by it has ever come back… As the island Guardian, it is up to you to help the islanders escape before it’s too late. The path may be difficult to navigate, but with the islanders counting on you, we know you’ll be able to come to the rescue. Hurry now, before the FOG consumes the whole island!

Build the Best Village!

A house here, a school there, oh, and maybe a tea stall on the corner! That’ll do nicely. As a leader of the Panchayat, you’ll need to turn a plot of plain land into a thriving little village of your own. Will you have the most flourishing village around, or will the neighboring villages outshine you? Let’s see!

Is Your Floor Plan Fit For a King?

The Mad King Ludwig is looking for the perfect layout for his next castle! Are you the architect for the job? The king has a few preferences, of course, but he’s interested in seeing what you can do when left to your own devices. Select rooms to add to the floor plan, use those room’s bonuses to the best of your ability, and create another castle fit for a king!

Recruit Your Best Team of Heroes!

Adversaries are threatening the kingdom, and it is up to you to recruit the best team of heroes to take them down. It may not be easy, but with proper preparation, your team will be able to complete missions, take down baddies, and save the kingdom! You’d better get started.

Secure Your Safety in Time

As two timelines merged into one, and two time agencies came to exist the realization that both timelines’ existences are in grave danger followed. You must join a time agency – The Black Watch or The Golden Hourglass. You must then travel through time and gain control of those eras to ensure their existence in the new timeline. It won’t be easy, but time travel never is.

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