Welcome back, gamers, to another look at my Top 100 List! As I’ve mentioned before, to determine my top 100 I look at my highest rated games (rated 8-10) and then plop that entire list into a ranking engine which presents me two at a time to vote on which I prefer.

It can be so hard sometimes to pick what game I prefer to narrow this list down because the fact is, while some games I’d play any time with anyone, some games are better with certain groups/counts, or better when I want to play something really long versus really short, or better when I’m well-rested and ready to strategize! Few games work for me at every time, so it’s hard to rate them in “black and white” terms, so to speak.

Nevertheless, I’ve tried, and so here is the list! Which of these are your favorites? Anything you don’t see that you think I should try, or curious why something you’ve seen mentioned on the blog didn’t make the cut? Let’s chat!

100 – 91

100. Star Realms
99. Codenames – This encompasses all the different types (Marvel, Disney, Duet…) because I think they’re all rad
98. Sonic the Hedgehog: Battle Racers
97. Dice Masters
96. Seasons
95. Shakespeare
94. Cat Cafe
Fluxx – Always a classic. I’m partial to the Marvel and Jumanji sets.
92. Rampage – I will never call this game by its newer name, cause this name is way cooler.
91. On Tour

90 – 81

90. Roll Player
89. Abyss
88. Burke’s Gambit
87. Roland Wright: The Dice Game
86. Flip Ships
84. Scrutineyes – This one has been a hit with some of my friends. It can be super tricky, but it sure is fun!
83. Truffle Shuffle
82. Santorini – One of the only abstract strategy games I’m into; such a good game.
81. Welcome To… – This also encompasses some of the other expansion boards (Halloween and Summer are some of the best) but the base game never gets old on its own either!

80 – 71

80. Adventure Mart – This is one of the most gorgeous games I own, and I think it’s super fun!
79. Between Two Castles of Mad King Ludwig – My husband greatly prefers regular ol’ Castles, which is also good, but there’s just something about this game, I really enjoy it. I do wish all the symbology wasn’t so tiny though
78. Battle of the Bards
77. Run, Fight, or Die! – Didn’t get a chance to pull this out for spooky month this year, but still an awesome dice game
76. Cantaloop: Book 1 – Breaking into Prison – I thought this did such an awesome job of bringing the point & click video game experience to the analog form, and I’m just dying to play the next books in the series

75. Sheriff of Nottingham – Every time I play this, I am sooo glad I have the first printing version
74. Orléans
73. The Quest for El Dorado
72. Broom Service
71. Whirling Witchcraft – Got this for review this year, played it a ton around spooky season, and really loved it! It was a huge hit with a ton of people I played it with too. It’s just really smooth, and really fun!

70 – 61

70. Tumblin’ Dice
69. Paradox
68. Caverna: The Cave Farmers
67. Noctiluca
66. Martian Dice – I’ve played a bunch of games similar to this with dice + push-you-luck, but this one just really holds up!
65. The King’s Guild
64. Stockpile – I hate math, and the idea of stocks and markets and all that … but what can I say? This game is awesome. Add in the expansion with the dice and it’s even better.
63. Problem Picnic: Attack of the Ants
62. Drop It
61. Qwixx

60 – 51

60. Escape: The Curse of the Temple
59. Arraial
58. Potion Explosion
57. Fish Cook
56. Escape Room: The Game – I like escape room style games … a lot. And there are a ton of them out there. Spoiler: This series isn’t my favorite, but it’s a really good one, and the little keys you use add to the fun.
55. Asking for Trobils
54. Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game
53. Cosmic Run: Regeneration
52. Gnomopolis
51. Kitchen Rush

50 – 41

50. Lords of Waterdeep
49. The Few and Cursed – Probably one of the longest deck builders I have, but I love how unique this one is!
48. Disney Villainous – The Marvel one disappointed me, but I will keep coming back to the Disney version. It’s a really good asymmetrical game. But I absolutely will not play it with more than 3 players cause it’s so long.
47. Draftosaurus – For a small, simple, short game, this has so much to offer!
46. The Isle of Cats
45. Dice Hospital
44. Tales of Glory
43. My Little Scythe – I don’t love this at a lower player count, but with 5 or 6, I think it’s so fun. Plus, this game is super cute. Plus plus, I love how good it looks now that I painted my minis 🙂
42. Mystic Vale
41. Point Salad

40 – 31

40. Deception: Murder in Hong Kong – Getting a big group game of this can honestly be absolutely exhilarating
39. Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef
38. Almanac: The Dragon Road
37. Meadow – Really love this game at 2 players, and honestly don’t think I need to play it with more….ever.
36. Sorcerer City
35. Tag City
34. Kingdomino – I’m torn between liking this one and Kingdomino: Origins more, so I think this entry will just have to be a stand-in for both! haha
33. Marvel United
32. Suburbia
31. Alien Frontiers

30 – 21

30. The Search for Planet X – This quickly became one of my favorite deduction games. There’s so many details to keep in mind, and it’s so easy to miss something and lose by a narrow margin, but it’s such a quality game
29. Steam Park
28. Just One
27. Cascadia – Such a great tile-laying game, that has so much variability and replay value.

26. Heart of Crown
25. Automobiles – I’ve played this at a full 5 the last few times I’ve played, and realized it’s not as good with more players, because it slows it down a lot. But I do really enjoy it at 2-3.
24. Everdell
23. The Quacks of Quedlinburg – I’m so hit and miss with push your luck games, but this is one I keep coming back to, it’s so good!
22. Istanbul
21. Kokoro:Avenue of the Kodama

20 – 11

20. Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade
19. Holiday Hijinks – I love escape room games, and this series from Grand Gamers Guild is awesome!
18. Fleet: The Dice Game
17. Wacky Races: The Board Game – This is a super simple race game, but works so well, and scales great at any player count, it also looks great on the table with all the fancy miniatures
16. The Golden Ticket Game – I really wasn’t expecting much out of this game, but it proved me wrong. I love the quality of the components, and the game itself is simple but a lot of fun.
15. Love Letter – It’s hard to choose a favorite one, but all of these games, even with their slight variations, are a great time. I also love upgrading some of the components for the score markers to be more thematic with each version

14. Funfair – I played Unfair first and I liked it, but felt it was too long, and there were definitely some cards that could make things very swingy. This version is a huge improvement, and a great game!
13. The Key – Another awesome series that I’m a huge fan of. It really changes up a typical deduction game because you’re trying to be the most efficient player, and I love that.
12. The Red Dragon Inn
11. Cartographers/Cartographers Heroes – I could easily play these mixed together or separately, solo or in a group. It’s such a solid flip & write with infinite replayability.

10 – 1

10. Argent: The Consortium – Easily (& obviously) my favorite heavy game

9. Monikers – This party game never fails to bring big laughs at my house

8. Space Base – Such a solid game that gives you so many options every turn, every game. One day, I swear I’ll get a victory with the “You Win” card

7. Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis Deck-Building Game – What could be more epic than Cartoon Network crossovers?? Love seeing all my favorite characters in this one.

6. Silver & Gold – Such a smooth flip & write, I really feel like I’m finding treasure, haha! It’s such a quick teach, I’ve introduced it to so many people!

5. Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game – We have soooo many expansions for this, I love the endless possibilities of combinations of teams.

4. Unlock! – This series is by far the best for escape room games, for me. They work well, they’re all different, and they’re awesome.

3. Sagrada – Probably the game I pick the most often, and one of few I actually remember all the rules to. Absolutely amazing game that’s a great little puzzle.

2. Natsumemo – For a small box flip & write, there’s so much packed into this game. I love how thematic it is choosing which little adventures to go on during summer, or when to stay home and do some homework. It’s so cute, and I adore it!

1. MicroMacro: Crime City – Though my husband likes to argue that this is “an activity” and not “a game,” I will vehemently disagree just because I like being right. Also, I love this game, and think it is unique, inspired, and addictive.