Heroes, unite! Traverse the winding dungeon halls to find treasure, defeat enemies, and accomplish your quest! It may not be easy, but if you work together, and use your combined abilities wisely, you are sure to be triumphant! Go forth, adventurers, and have fun!

Cooperative – Players work as a team to complete their quest

Dungeon Crawler / Exploration / Modular Board – Players will reveal tiles throughout the game to explore more of the dungeon, ultimately trying to find all the story cards to complete their quest/win conditions

Line of Sight / Range – In order to attach enemies, players must be within range (based on their weapon) and have line of sight

Dice Rolling – Players will roll dice to fight enemies in the dungeon

Variable Player Powers – Each player has a special ability they can use throughout the game to help the team

Customization – Players can use the custom instructions to make their own quests, items, heroes, and enemies!

Campaign – The Keep on Questing expansion allows players to play CoraQuest as an ongoing campaign, and has them collect coins to upgrade characters along the way

  • 1 to 4 Players – Players will have to use 4 heroes no matter the player count, which is good because you need the actions to be able to succeed. But if you don’t like controlling more than one character, you probably won’t want to play at a lower player count
  • Ages 8 & Up – It’s a nice introduction to dungeon crawlers I think; the rules are overall pretty simple.
    • I’d say it’s good for families, or a group of kids
  • Fans of dungeon crawlers, cooperative play, and fun story elements

Customize – There are instructions included, plus an app players can use, to make custom game elements. I think this is an awesome way to encourage creativity, while still giving those elements a more “official” feel. It also just adds more variability/replay value to the game as a whole.

Keep on Questing – This expansion adds new characters, dungeon tiles, treasures, and more. Mostly, it allows players to level up characters between games, as they play through an overarching campaign.

I think the leveling up is a great addition to the game, and really gives it a cool RPG-type feel, making your character come to life a bit more. It definitely felt like a game that would have a campaign style, so I thought the expansion was a great fit.

  • Rules – Well written and clear
  • Aesthetics – Art is so cute. I love that it’s all art by kids
  • Components – Nice quality across the board; no complaints
  • Smooth game flow
  • Story is really fun, well written, and engaging. I love reading through the pieces of the story as those dungeon tiles are revealed
  • Lots of options for characters
  • Love the options for customization
  • The campaign is a fun way to experience the game; upgrading hereoes is really cool
    • Colored bags make it easy to keep all of your stuff together throughout the campaign
  • Good for a wide audience
  • Love that when you miss on a roll, you get determined, so you roll more dice next time, it’s a nice little compensation for a miss
  • I personally find line of sight confusing (I don’t know why), so I was a little surprised to see if in a game for a younger audience
  • You have to play with 4 characters, so it’s more upkeep with less players
  • Can sometimes run a bit long, but that can come down to your team’s strategy
  • Dice Rolls can be frustrating if you roll a lot of blanks in a row – not a ton of mitigation available
  • Box has no insert to organize components

This is a nice little dungeon crawler! In particular, I really enjoyed the stories across the quests, I thought they were well written, and very fun, which kept me engaged throughout my plays.

I also really liked the upgrading that came with the campaign-based expansion; I thought that fit the vibe of the game well.

Overall, I think it’s cute, has a lot of replay value/variability, and it’s a nice intro to the genre, which is great for younger players, those new to dungeon crawling, or those who are just looking for a lighter option with that same feel.

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 6/10

Designers – Dan Hughes, Cora Hughes
Artists – Cora Hughes, Gary King
Publisher – Bright Eye Games
MSRP – $40.00

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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