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Roll for Your Big KAPOW!

Just when you think you’ve learned all of your opponent’s tricks, another villain (or hero) joins the fight! There’s all new abilities to try and trip you up. Will you be able to properly predict their every move, or will you end up knocked out? Get ready to fight!

Roll, Bid, Build!

The time for boring “dream homes” is over! They’re out – a thing of the past. The time for magnificent manors is now! Collect blueprints to expand your manor, advertise your manor to the public, and take people on manor tours. Prove you can build the best manor around!

Prepare Your Dice for Battle!

It’s a tale as old as time – heroes versus villains. Your strengths and abilities may vary, but the battle can be won by anyone. Will you be able to strengthen your dice pool enough to come out ahead, or will your opponent be able to take you down first? It’s time to battle!

The Time for Fun is Meow!

Everyone knows that cats have nine lives, but how long will your lives last? If curiosity gets the better of you, or your rival cats throw too many attacks your way, even all the yarn balls in the world won’t be able to save you, and it won’t be long before the Grim Reapurr comes for you … Can you be the very last cat standing? It’s time to find out!

Keep Your Fire Bright and Your Attacks Strong!

We call on our mightiest adventurers to save out kingdom from danger! Vile creatures roam the land, on a quest to resurrect the unhallowed creatures and stop anyone who might get in their way. It’s up to you to work together and use your weapons, abilities, and skills to protect the kingdom. Can we count on you?

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