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Memories Right in Your Hand

Would you remember the trip to the arcade if you felt a coin in your hand? Does a small piece of fabric remind you of your blanket on the beach? Memories are easier to recall when you see the photos of past events, but it’s time to test if you can feel your memories through just a few small objects in the palm of your hand. Let’s check it out.

Keep Your Fire Bright and Your Attacks Strong!

We call on our mightiest adventurers to save out kingdom from danger! Vile creatures roam the land, on a quest to resurrect the unhallowed creatures and stop anyone who might get in their way. It’s up to you to work together and use your weapons, abilities, and skills to protect the kingdom. Can we count on you?

Can You Escape the Belly of the Beast?

Bad news, engineers. While this giant, sentient robot is everything we could have ever dreamed of, it’s gotten a bit out of control. Now it’s up to you to shut it down. Oh, and while you’re in there, please, rescue the people still inhabiting the inside, you’re their only hope. Your reliable android pal will help you on your way as well, and we hope you’ll bring it back as well. You’ll need to navigate your path and escape before the whole beast collapses around you. Do you have what it takes to make it back?

Battle With The Best: Marvel Battleworld

Heroes, assemble! There are battles to fight and heroes to rescue from the wicked grip of Thanos himself. Use your attack types and special abilities effectively in order to come out on top and save the day!

A Nightlancer’s Job is Never Truly Done…

Britain. 2099. Organized crime is running rampant, but police are trying to keep the heat on as best they can. The Nightlancers don’t want to be in control … but they also don’t want to be controlled – they just want to get their money and get out, before society crumbles before them and takes them out too.

Do you have what it takes to take on missions, improve your abilities, and make it out alive? Only the best Nightlancer can prove victorious. Will it be you? I guess we’ll see …

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