Hey gamers! Today I just wanted to take some time to appreciate some of my favorite box covers of games in my collection, cause who doesn’t love some gooooood art? 🙂 Check it out! Let me know if you like these covers, or what some of your favorite covers are!

10. Bob Ross: Happy Little Accidents

Not only does it feature Bob Ross’s face, but the hair is flocked! It’s fun and inviting, which is why I like it a lot!

9. Tag City

The box is fun and vibrant and depicts exactly what the game is about – spray painting graffiti! Top notch.

8. Flip Ships

7. Forbidden Bridge

Despite a lot of text on my copy (since it’s the English/French version, so it has everything in both languages) the cover screams “adventure!” It’s another that really depicts what the game is about, and gets you excited for what’s inside. (An awesome mechanical bridge!)

6. Abyss

I really enjoy Abyss and went out of my way to make sure I got one of the more unique covers. I love the look of this one. It’s intimidating, intriguing, and definitely makes me want to open it up and see what other great art lies within.

5. Arraial

This cover is super fun and all the people look like they’re having a blast! So, of course, it makes me feel like I’ll have a blast when I play it – which I always do!

4. HeroQuest

“The best thing about HeroQuest is the box art!” But in all seriousness, it is pretty cool! It presents you with a cool character and immediately shows you that you’re in for a heroic adventure when you open it up.

3. Tokyo Sidekick

I adore the art, the comic book style, and how dynamic this cover is. It has such a commanding presence because of it’s size as well, and it’s just so awesome to behold.

2. Kingdomino (Collection)

I love these covers because they make such a fun picture when you put them all together! They also just have a nice color scheme, and again bring you into the game’s world before you even start.

1. Adventure Mart

I am obsessed with the art of this game, so of course it is my #1 cover. It’s just so cute and sweet! I also think that the color scheme is gorgeous, and because it’s so adorable, it makes the game feel really inviting. It also still presents you with a good idea of what the game will be about – running an adventure mart!