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What If Nightmares Were Actually Kinda Fun…?

In general, I am all about cheesy, weird, obscure, and even borderline “bad” games. But, I had no idea when I first looked at Nightmare that it would end up getting so much love from me and my group. I also had no clue I’d go on to play through the whole series of Nightmare games, and honestly have a lot of laughs with most of them. I don’t want to digress much, so without further ado, let’s face our nightmares….

Ingen VS Raptors – Who Will Win?

As we all know, in any battle, there are no true equals. But, an unmatched fight is all the more interesting anyway. So, is a master hunter the perfect match to take on 3 clever raptors with a taste for blood, or will the hunter become the hunted while roaming the battlefield? Time to find out!

Build Your Best Beach!

Would you rather a serene seashore, quiet and calm, or a bustling beach with tons of locals and tourists hanging out? Maybe something in between would better suit your style. Whatever you choose, you just need to make sure you create the most appealing oceanfront in all of Santa Monica! Let’s get started!

Rest Your Head, It’s Sheepy Time!

Dream Sheep, you are needed! The people are trying to drift peacefully off the dreamland, but the ever-haunting nightmares threaten these sensational sleepers with an awful awakening. You’ll need to catch some Zzzs and jump over the fence to help keep these dozing dreamers fast asleep!

It’s Time to Breakout of the Lockup!

It’s said that the twisted, winding catacombs beneath the prison lead to great treasures, the tomb of a warrior, and best of all, freedom. Do you think it could be true? Might as well try to find out. After all, what have you got to lose when you’re already in jail? While most of your crew continues to recruit goons and craft contraband, send your Seeker into the depths to find out what truly lies below!

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