Heir, come here, I have a very important task for you! The Princess is getting married this weekend and I need you to go to the market and collect these gifts for her. Go now, and bring them back quickly so I can give you your next task. Hurry back, we don’t want the other heirs to bring her gifts first. We must impress the Princess!

What Is It?

A pick up and deliver game for 2-4 where players are trying to manipulate the boats and their own positions on the board in order to get closer to the items that they need to collect in order to complete objectives.

While you can move any boats, so can your opponents! So don’t let them stick what you need in a bad spot! Players must use their action points wisely and get enough items to complete 2 objectives in order to win!

Who Is It For?

I think this would be good for families because it’s pretty light, but still presents some challenge, so it’s good for younger players and adults alike. The game itself recommends ages 7+ which I think would be accurate; turning the boats may be a little tough for younger players at first, but easy enough to pick up on. Those gamers who enjoy a relatively relaxing game are also bound to enjoy this one.

Contents and Quality

Board – It’s such a pretty color, and the water design is nice. Nice size, and all the spots are easy to distinguish.

Boats – Sturdy cardboard, and the figures attached to them are solid, not loose or anything. Good size, and fit in the board spaces well, so there’s not question of where they are.

Heirs – Nice colors and size – chunky pieces. Could have had a small design on the top to match their pontoon, to help colorblind players, but otherwise fine quality.

Dice – Unique design, easy to tell how many action points you rolled. I like that they made it so that you can only roll from a 6 to an 8, so it helps balance the rolling mechanic so that some players are not getting a ton more or less actions than others.

Tokens/Coins – All average cardboard pieces. Items are all very distinct.

Cards – Average quality. Advanced and standard cards are easy to tell apart, either by the colored backs or seeing the abilities on the front.

Rules – Short and sweet, good detail and pretty easy to read through. There’s some weird snippets of flavor text sprinkled throughout that can be a little distracting, but it’s not a ton. Handy advanced card reference on the back.

Box/Insert – Nice size box and the insert fits all the pieces perfectly!


Advanced – The biggest change for this variant is that players gain abilities when completing objectives which may help them with future movement or objectives. It’s a cool addition to the game once you’re familiar with the mechanics to try and add in some variety.

2-3 Players – Instead of 2 objectives, players must complete 3! It extends the game a little bit, but gives players a little more opportunity for catching up if they fall behind.

Team Player – Instead of playing 4 players individually, you can play in teams of 2, and you need to complete 4 objectives to win. But, any player on the team can hand in the items that either player collected. It seemed a little bit clunkier in my opinion, but worth a try if you’ve played with 4 players a lot and want to give something new a go.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Plays smoothly
  • Good level of challenge manipulating the board and moving around
  • The bonuses on the advanced objective cards are cool and varied
  • Gaining coins for unused movement is great because you never feel like you “wasted” part of your turn


  • I thought it was weird that you could move over other heirs, but not over sailors. It added more challenge to the game, for sure, but it was hard to remember at first
  • A little bit of luck since set up is random, so if one player happens to start closer to a lot of the items they need, they’ll have a bit of a lead/advantage

Final Thoughts

It’s a cute game overall. I’m not big on the pick up and deliver mechanic, and this doesn’t present me with anything super unique, so it’s not super exciting. But, if you’re looking for a relaxing game that players smoothly with any player count, and would be good for kids and adults alike, it definitely has some appeal. And I have to give it credit on aesthetics because it just has an awesome table presence.

My Final Ratings:
Overall Game – 6/10
Aesthetics – 9/10
Difficulty – 3/10
Replayability – 4/10

Additional Information:
Designer – Marco Teubner
Artist – Tomasz Larek
Publisher – Blue Orange Games
MSRP – $32.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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