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Can You Survive This Solo Slasher?

In the face of danger, do you run, or do you fight? As the Final Girl, you are the last one standing. With nothing between you and the ruthless killer who has already decimated everyone around them, you know it’s do or die – kill or be killed … and you aren’t ready to lay down and die tonight.

What If Nightmares Were Actually Kinda Fun…?

In general, I am all about cheesy, weird, obscure, and even borderline “bad” games. But, I had no idea when I first looked at Nightmare that it would end up getting so much love from me and my group. I also had no clue I’d go on to play through the whole series of Nightmare games, and honestly have a lot of laughs with most of them. I don’t want to digress much, so without further ado, let’s face our nightmares….

Top 10 IP Games

Let’s talk about IP Games! I tend to love board games with strong themes I can get into. I like tons of themes, and I’m a-okay with games that build their own worlds. But, if I see a game tied to an IP I’m familiar with and a fan of, you can bet I’ll be looking to learn more about it! For this list, I picked some of my very favorite IP games, and tried to focus on games that I thought used the theme well; I tried to avoid games that merely did a re-skin of a game (like Clue). Let’s check them out!

Ingen VS Raptors – Who Will Win?

As we all know, in any battle, there are no true equals. But, an unmatched fight is all the more interesting anyway. So, is a master hunter the perfect match to take on 3 clever raptors with a taste for blood, or will the hunter become the hunted while roaming the battlefield? Time to find out!

Putting Together the Jurassic Parts for Points!

Paleontologists assemble! There are dinosaur fossils all around us just waiting to be uncovered. All you have to do is sharpen your chisels and get to work! Oh … and make sure you collect the most impressive collection of fossils. Only one of you can be the very best!

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