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What If Nightmares Were Actually Kinda Fun…?

In general, I am all about cheesy, weird, obscure, and even borderline “bad” games. But, I had no idea when I first looked at Nightmare that it would end up getting so much love from me and my group. I also had no clue I’d go on to play through the whole series of Nightmare games, and honestly have a lot of laughs with most of them. I don’t want to digress much, so without further ado, let’s face our nightmares….

Rating Breakdown

Howdy gamers! To start this year, I wanted to put together a little bit of a more detailed breakdown of what my ratings mean to me, so you can have a better idea on my opinions when I review or rate games.

Keep in mind, again, these are only my opinions so a 3 for me may look very different from a 3 for you. All in good fun 🙂

Also, for reference, I’ve rated about 3,150 games, with an average rating of a 5.76. Let’s take a look!

Rest Your Head, It’s Sheepy Time!

Dream Sheep, you are needed! The people are trying to drift peacefully off the dreamland, but the ever-haunting nightmares threaten these sensational sleepers with an awful awakening. You’ll need to catch some Zzzs and jump over the fence to help keep these dozing dreamers fast asleep!

Pirate Rivalry Awaits – Crew vs. Crew

Argh, me hearties! There be a treasure waitin’ for ye. But only the smartest, most cunning pirate team can get thee hands on it! Will it be your crew, or will your opponents beat ye to the punch? Get to outwitting! Those shiny gold doubloons wait for no one!

Your Next Headline is Waiting – Chronicles of Crime: 1900

Tomorrow’s paper isn’t going to write itself, Lavel! So are you going to get the next great scoop, or is Les Nouvelles de Paris going to have to find another young journalist to lead the charge? It’s time to act on your interest in murders, kidnappings, and robberies, and use your wits to solve the crimes! What are you waiting for? The clues are waiting, let’s go!

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