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General articles discussing an aspect of board games – i.e. commentary pieces on stores or player counts.

2022 Year in Review!

Another year come and gone! Here are some random gaming stats and fun facts from 2022!

The Art of the Teach – Dos and Don’ts of Teaching Board Games

Have you ever been teaching a board game and just realize everything you’ve just said is completely wrong, and now you need to backtrack and hope all your players aren’t confused for the next hour?

Alternatively, have you ever been learning a game from someone and just miss half of the rules because you don’t understand what they’re even talking about?

We’ve all been there! Learning and teaching games can be difficult, especially when you’re newer to the hobby. I would certainly say I’ve gotten better at teaching games over the years, though, of course, I’m still not perfect. Still, I wanted to put together a list of some of the best dos and don’ts I’ve found for teaching board games in all my time in the hobby. Of course, these tips are not the be-all and end-all, but they may help you out if you aren’t sure where to start. Let’s dive in!

Table for 2…3…4…5…

If it’s not super obvious by now, most of the gaming I do is with my husband, Stephen. While we do have a weekly game group, and meet up with friends some weekends, most plays we rack up in any given week/month/year are just the 2 of us. So, a big consideration for us when buying games is 1) does it play 2+, and 2) does it play well at 2?

For me, there are a lot of things I love about gaming at just 2, which I’ll talk about here. For most games, (that are 2 minimum) it is my preferred player count. However, I’ve also seen barriers with gaming at 2, which I’ll also point out. (Strap in, it’s gonna be a long one).

Rating Breakdown

Howdy gamers! To start this year, I wanted to put together a little bit of a more detailed breakdown of what my ratings mean to me, so you can have a better idea on my opinions when I review or rate games.

Keep in mind, again, these are only my opinions so a 3 for me may look very different from a 3 for you. All in good fun 🙂

Also, for reference, I’ve rated about 3,150 games, with an average rating of a 5.76. Let’s take a look!

2021 Year in Review

Another year in the books! Here are some random gaming stats and fun facts of mine from 2021!

Number of Plays: 1,010

Unique Games Played: 460

Different People Played With: 34

Unique Locations Played At: 10

Hours Spent Playing Games: 590

Games I Spent the Most Hours On: 7th Continent (~15 hours), Unlock! Series (~9 hours), Zombie Kidz Evolution (~9 hours), Lockup: A Roll Player Tale (~8 hours), Clank!: Legacy – Acquisitions Incorporated (~7 hours)

Number of Days I Played Games: 255

H-Index: 10 – That means I played 10 games 10 times (actually, it was 12 games) They were: Zombie Kidz Evolution, MicroMacro: Crime City, Heist: One Team, One Mission, The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game, MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House, Unlock! Series, Machi Koro Legacy, Marvel United, Whirling Witchcraft, Draftosaurus, Similo, and Bouncing Bingo

New-To-Me Games/Expansions Played: ~300

My 2021 Win Percent: 58%

Stephen’s 2021 Win Percent: 50%

My Least Favorite New-to-Me in 2021 Games: Frequent Flyer, Lifeboat, and WCW Nitro Trading Card Game

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2021 Games: This was so hard to choose just a few, I played a lot of great things this year! But here’s the top 5 – MicroMacro: Crime City (& Full House), Cantaloop: Book 1 – Breaking into Prison, The Search for Planet X, Picture Perfect, and The Few and Cursed

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2021 Expansion: Both Draftosaurus:Marina, and Draftosaurus: Aerial Show, and Dice Hospital Community Care

Stephen’s Least Favorite New-To-Him in 2021 Games: Hamsters VS Hippos, Frequent Flyer, Stella: Dixit Universe, and Sonora

Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2021 Games: MicroMacro: Crime City, The Key: Murder at the Oakdale Club, Bitoku, Wacky Races, Fairy Tale Inn, Chutes Away!!!!!

Stephen’s Favorite New-toHim in 2021 Expansions: Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 1 – Team Asia & Legendary Asia, Millennium Blades Collusion, and Claim: Maps

Happy Gaming for all of 2022!!

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