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Updates about the blog – i.e. rating changes, format changes, new series, URL changes, etc

Rating Breakdown

Howdy gamers! To start this year, I wanted to put together a little bit of a more detailed breakdown of what my ratings mean to me, so you can have a better idea on my opinions when I review or rate games.

Keep in mind, again, these are only my opinions so a 3 for me may look very different from a 3 for you. All in good fun 🙂

Also, for reference, I’ve rated about 3,150 games, with an average rating of a 5.76. Let’s take a look!

2020 Year in Review

To recap my 2020 Goals: I wanted to have 1,500 plays, play on 300 days, and have an H-Index of 10. Without further ado, here’s my 2020 Year in Review.

Number of Plays: 1,156 – 1,500 was a bit ambitious… but this number is still pretty solid!
Unique Games Played: 551
Different People Played With: 37 (thanks virtual gaming!)
Unique Locations Played At: 8
Hours Spent Playing Games: 734
Number of Days Played: 316

H-Index: 10  –  ergo, we played 10 games, 10 times. The games we played at least 10 times were: Just One, Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game, Cartographers, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Monikers, Sagrada, X-Code, Fluxx, Kamigami Battles, and Qwixx

My 2020 Win Percent: 53%

Stephen’s 2020 Win Percent: 49%

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2020 Game: I played about 206 new-to-me games in 2020! So… I can’t be expected to pick just one! So here’s a few: Tidal Blades, Cartoon Network: Crossover Crisis, and Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade. Additionally, Stockpile Continuing Corruption was my favorite new-to-me expansion in 2020.

Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2020 Game: Stephen couldn’t limit himself to just 1 game either! His top new-to-him games that he played this year were: Empyreal: Spells & Steams, Heroscape, Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade, and Tidal Blades. Additionally, his favorite new-to-him expansion was the Stockpile Continuing Corruption Expansion as well!

2021 Goals: Play a boatload of games and have a boatload of fun!

Additionally — An Announcement!

Going forward I’m no longer going to be doing my weekly plays lists. I haven’t really been enjoying putting the lists together as much, so they’ve been bogging me down a little bit. Instead, I’m planning on posting more pictures frequently on social media (so make sure to follow me), and I’m thinking of trying out a “new to me last month” series! Thanks again for another year of gaming. Let’s make 2021 one for the books!

Happy Gaming~

Welcome to the NEW BLOG!

Hey there gamers, readers, fans, and friends! Welcome to my new and improved blog 😀

I’m really, really excited about this upgrade and can’t wait to move everything over to this new platform and keep on posting here for a long time to come.

If you’d like to read my old posts in the meantime, they are still available on my old site, and probably will be for the long haul. But, I will slowly but surely be moving everything over to here so that posts old and new can come togehter in one place!

Thanks for visiting ^__^

And as always, very happy gaming~

2019 Year In Review

Heyyyyy, Gamers! In addition to my Top 100, I wanted to do a short post to recap my 2019 game playing! It’s not much, but I still thought it would be fun. And I included a few things specific to my favorite gaming partner as well. What did your 2019 stats look like? What are your 2020 gaming goals, if any?

Number of Plays: 1,200
Unique Games Played: 708
Different People Played With: 100
Unique Locations Played At: 16
Hours Spent Playing Games: 645
Number of Days Played: 291
H-Index: 9  –  If you aren’t familiar with H-index, this is the number of games we played at least that many times, i.e. 9 games, 9 times. The games we played at least 9 times were Charterstone, Betrayal Legacy, Space Base, Tumblin’ Dice, Bonk, Fish Feud, Monikers, Sagrada, Heart of Crown, Are You a Robot?, and Martian Dice
My Win Percent: 49%
Stephen’s Win Percent: 45%
My Favorite New-to-Me in 2019 Games: Fleet: The Dice Game, Natsumemo, and Tag City (Surprise, they’re all roll-and-writes! haha); Additionally, Space Base: Shy Pluto was my favorite new-to-me expansion in 2019.
Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2019 Games: Heart of Crown: Fairy Garden and Welcome To…
2020 Goals: I don’t really think it’s going to happen, just because of how busy we tend to be with life, but my goals would be to have 1,500 plays, play on 300 days, and have an H-Index of 10!

Additionally — An Announcement!

Going forward in reviews, I’m going to be changing up my ratings. I’ll be eliminating the “Difficulty” section and instead moving that rating into my “Final Thoughts” alongside overall game rating and aesthetics rating, all of which will be out of 10. That’s all! Thanks for sticking with me in 2019, can’t wait to talk about games throughout all of 2020!

Happy Gaming~

Follow, Follow

If you love games as much as I do, and don’t already follow me on social media, take a look at the links below! I try to post every day and love sharing the photos of the games I’ve been playing.

Anything you wanna see? If I have it, I’ll play it/post about it/review it – whatever! Just ask 😀 Thanks for looking!

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