The dragon nest is covered in layers of ice – oh no! Can dragon mom melt the ice away while protecting the nest and the little dragon egg? And will the dragon children be able to snatch up all the gems they need to decorate their beautiful amulets? Well, it’s time to find out!

What Is It?

Dexterity – Each round the fire breather must remove ice rings from the stack (a total of 3 times), being careful not to drop the egg from the nest.

Drafting / Set Collection – Non-fire breather players take turns collecting 1 gem at a time from those that fell off the stack and putting them on matching spots on their amulets. The fire breather will also take a turn drafting stones, putting them in the treasure chest to keep them away from the other players. They will get to draft 2 on their turn, unless they dropped the egg, in which case they will only get 1 each turn.

After each player has been the fire breather once (or twice, in a 2-player game) players add up their scores and the player(s) with the most points wins!

Who Is It For?

  • Ages 5+
  • 2-4 Players – Shines brightest at a full 4
  • Families
  • Players looking for a nice light drafting game with cute table presence


  • Aesthetics – Looks great on the table; cute pieces; nice art on cards
  • Components – Nice gems, great dragon token, cute little treasure chest which fits in the box still assembled, the ice rings stack easily as well
  • The dexterity element is nice and I like that it adds consequence so you can’t just take the rings off quickly and without care
  • Allows for light strategy as the fire breather as you try to snatch up the gems that everyone else needs
  • Turns / rounds play quickly


  • The treasure chest can sometimes come apart if you lift from the top. I’d recommend perhaps gluing it together
  • At 2 players, you are each the fire breather twice. Personally, I don’t feel the game works as well at 2, so I’d definitely recommend playing with a full 4

Final Thoughts

Overall, I don’t have much negative to say about this one. Obviously, I’m probably not the intended audience (though, sometimes I definitely still act like a small child, so maybe) but I still had a nice time.

I thought that while it is certainly simple enough for youngins, or those still learning more about games, there is definitely enough there for adults looking for a super light filler. I enjoy it because there’s a small dexterity element, which can affect your impact on the round, and there’s strategy in which color gem is your best chance at completing a better scoring amulet. Definitely a thumbs up here.

Additional Information
My Final Rating – 6/10
Designers – Günter Burkhardt, Lena Burkhardt, Annemarie Wolke
Artist – Daniel Döbner
Publisher – HABA
MSRP – $14.99

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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