Just when you think you’ve learned all of your opponent’s tricks, another villain (or hero) joins the fight! There’s all new abilities to try and trip you up. Will you be able to properly predict their every move, or will you end up knocked out? Get ready to fight!

What Is It?

Pool Building / Dice Rolling – Players start with a pool of dice based on their chosen character, and can earn more trait dice (with pre-determined symbols) and action dice (buildable dice with customizable faces) during the game by “powering up.” Each round players simultaneously roll these dice and choose what actions (attack, defense, et cetera) they want to trigger in the coming round.

Head-to-Head Battle – Players will be attacking one another and tracking their health. The last player standing wins!

Variable Player Powers – Characters have unique starting dice as well as a few unique abilities that range from ways to gain dice, healing, and more.

Who Is It For?

  • 2 Players – There is a solo variant, and a 2v2 variant, but I think the best way to play is the original head-to-head 2 player game
  • Ages 10 & Up – Simple rules, but variable powers, and some strategy might be harder for younger players
  • Fans of dice rolling, pool building, and making combos
  • Players who like trying to predict opponent’s next moves


Solo – Play against an AI opponent, which uses dice according to a pre-determined list of rules. It’s an okay variant to try out, but it just didn’t compare to the 2 player experience for me; a bit too much upkeep for my taste. If you’re a solo gamer who doesn’t mind the luck of the dice, check it out.

2 vs 2 Team Up – Allies add their health together and have their own pools of dice and die faces available to their team. Each round teams can use team up cards between them to get various effects – as long as a die is placed on both sides of the card. Play is the same as the 2 player game, with the addition of those cards, and players having to choose their target on the opposing team. It’s a cool mode that really varies the game because, even though the luck of the dice is still there, your strategy really changes when you have to work as a team and play to 2 different types of strengths, depending on your characters.


  • Aesthetics – Great art, and fun, bright colors across the game
  • Characters – Unique abilities within the game, and they feel different from Vol. 1 as well
  • Quality – Nice dice, the buildable dice are easy to use, good health dials, great screens; all around no problems with quality
  • Rules – Well-written with good detail
    • Quick to teach to new players
  • Best screen reference ever
  • Simple set-up
  • Smooth gameplay; simultaneous gameplay makes rounds move swiftly
  • Love how even blank faces can be used so dice are never useless


  • Solo upkeep is a bit much for my taste
  • Clean up can be a bit tedious, as you have to take the build-able dice apart
  • You roll dice behind your screens each round, so in theory it’s easy to cheat and turn dice to different sides, but just…don’t play with people who do that, right?

Final Thoughts

If you like 1v1 games and dice chucking, this is a great choice. The game is simple to play, but there’s definitely strategy in there because you have so many options with your dice each turn – do I go for a heavy attack, or beef up my defense, or just focusing on getting more dice/faces for now? It’s difficult to predict what your opponent is going to do, of course, but the game is light and quick, so even if you have a bad game, you can just reset and try again! Definitely recommend this one!

Additional Information:
My Final Rating – 7/10

Designers – Larry Bogucki, Douglas Hettrick, Carl Van Ostrand
Publisher – Wise Wizard Games
MSRP – $49.99

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*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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