Thirsty? Pick your poison! We’ve got beer, wine, martinis, Moscow mules, and even tequila shots! Can you handle your alcohol? Or will you end up too drunk to score? Play your cards right to make 3 drinks before your opponent, and then have a round on them! Let’s take a look!

What Is It?

Tile Laying – Players each have their own play area where they’ll be playing cards to match up the sides and complete drinks. The first player to complete 3 drinks wins.

Take-That – When players successfully play a water break card, their opponent must skip their next turn, to hydrate of course. Players can also play “drunk” cards on each other (beer, wine, or tequila) which means completed drinks of that type won’t count for that player.

Missed Turns – If a player doesn’t have a card in hand that can be played, they must instead just discard a card. This also opens up more options for their opponent, as they can draw from the deck or discard pile.

Who Is It For?

  • 2 Players – Designed for 2. With 2 decks, you can play with 4 players, which might be more interesting. And with 1 deck you can also play the party variant, but I think the original game was better.
  • Ages 21 & Up – Don’t underage drink, kids
  • Fans of light tile laying games
  • Players who don’t mind luck and a little bit of take-that


Party Mode – For 2 to 10 players. All the cards get scattered on the table and players draw one card at a time. If you draw a drink card, discard it. If you draw a sober card, save it for later – for yourself or someone else. If you draw a drunk card – drink! The first person to drink loses. Then players reshuffle and start again. For a “party mode,” it felt kind of dry and boring to me. It wasn’t exciting to see what card was flipped, since most cards didn’t do anything. I’d rather stick to the regular game.


  • Easy set up
  • Single deck, so it’s portable
  • Simple art, but it’s cute
  • Small rule set, so you can play with just about anyone – even while drinking!
  • Turns are quick
  • Smooth and simple gameplay


  • While it’s portable, it takes up a fair amount of table space, so keep that in mind when choosing where to play
  • A lot of luck involved. If you have a bunch of turns where you can’t play, or your opponent plays a lot of the drunk cards on you, it slows you down a lot
  • Box quality is mediocre; my box split in one corner the first time I opened it.

Final Thoughts

I’m not huge on 2 player games with a bunch of take-that, particularly when there’s a fair amount of luck involved. It can swing a lot play to play as sometimes things seem really even, but other times it’ll be a blow out. For that reason, I think I would opt to play with 2 decks and 4 players, because then you could mitigate some of that luck by playing drunk cards on the leader to slow them down.

That said, 2 or 4 players, if you’re looking for a simple, quick card game with a drinking/bar theme, it’s not a bad choice! Check it out if you enjoy tile laying and take-that!

Additional Info:
Beer Version

*I was provided a copy of this game to do this review*

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