Break Your Chains to Escape Your Nightmares

You are the children that the evil Daemon has captured in its’ nightmare castle. It is trying to chain you down and keep your souls for all eternity. If you stick together while investigating the castle, and use your unique abilities wisely, you’ll surely be able to escape the vicious nightmares. Good luck!

The Thrill of The Theme Park is Waiting!

The race is on! In just 5 months, Mayor Tenpenny wants to see this town turned into the new home of the world’s most amazing theme parks! You’ll have to inspire your visitors and fill them with awe and joy through thematic attractions, delightful concessions, and memorable souvenirs. Attract the most visitors to win Fairview’s Golden Key! Let’s get building!

The Road to Victory is Paved with Silver

The discovery of silver has brought economic boom to this city! Take charge of a wealthy family and use your influence in various guilds to expand the city and change the economy. Pay close attention to the supply and demand of everything, and seize the best opportunities whenever you can! Let’s get building!

Build the Best Village!

A house here, a school there, oh, and maybe a tea stall on the corner! That’ll do nicely. As a leader of the Panchayat, you’ll need to turn a plot of plain land into a thriving little village of your own. Will you have the most flourishing village around, or will the neighboring villages outshine you? Let’s see!

Tap Those Letters Fast!

Quick! Name a pizza topping that starts with “S”! Now, a pet name that starts with “E”! If you can think on your feet, no matter the category, then Tapple is definitely for you. Let’s check it out!

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