Merry Bad Christmas to All!

Everyone loves a good gift-giving event! There are some interesting offerings in this year’s exchange, but some of them are just what you wanted! Go figure, right? Now you’ll have to swap and steal presents to check all your favorites off your list. Let’s check it out!

2022 Gift Guide: Tips for Gamer Gift Giving

Not sure what to get your favorite gamer this holiday season? There’s still time! I’m not going to lie, it can be tough. My #1 recommendation is always to not just buy the next game you see and assume they’ll like it because “they just like games.” Yes, it’s the thought that counts, but it’s always a little awkward for everyone if you get them something that they may have already played and disliked, or know they will dislike based on certain mechanisms., and now they aren’t sure what to do with it. To help avoid an uncomfortable situation, here are 5 tips to help you shop this year.

More Food for Your Ducks!

We always have so much fun getting our favorite little ducks in tow and feeding them some yummy seeds. Today, let’s treat them to some bugs and slugs too! With our new bug jars in hand, we can collect plenty of bugs in no time at all. Let’s take a walk with the ducks!

Learn More About HerStory

Hey Gamers! Earlier this week I had a chance to sit down with Danielle Reynolds, designer and developer of HerStory from Underdog games, and pick her brain a little bit about the game/her process and so forth.

The game is a drafting, engine-building, set collection game where players are trying to put together a book telling the stories of remarkable women from history. This theme really grabs me, and the gameplay sounds right up my alley too, so I’m really excited to check out the game soon. For now, let’s see what Danielle had to say about it!

Collect Clues & Stop Those Thieves!

Oh no! One of the museum’s most prized artifacts has been stolen! We’ve locked the doors, and sounded the alarms, but we still have a number of suspects in our midst. It’s up to you famous detectives to gather the clues and find the thief, or thieves, responsible for this mess. Let’s hope they didn’t already get away … Hurry, there’s no time to lose!

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