The Dragons are Coming … With Dice Trays!

Hey Gamers! If you’re looking for the perfect dice for DnD, or dice trays for any game when you roll dice, then you might want to check out Dice Dragons! They have a whole bunch of variety, so there’s something for everyone! Let’s check them out.

New To Me – Jan 2024

New Year – More New Games! After the holidays, and way too much time being sick, I was able to get a whole bunch of new things to the table. They weren’t all winners, but it’s always fun to try something new! ^__^

❤️ – Loved It/Definitely Want to Play More (I rate it a 9 – 10)
😄 – Liked It/Will Likely Play Again (I rate it a 7 – 8)
🤷🏻‍♀️ – Okay/Take It or Leave It/Could Play Again (I rate it a 4 – 6)
👎🏻 – Didn’t Like/Would Not Play Again (I rate it a 1 – 3)

Always. Be. Winning!

Always. Be. Winning. That’s how it goes in Red7. You may not always be playing the same game at the start and the end of your turn, but whatever the active game is on the canvas, you’d better be winning it, or you’re out! For now, anyway. There’s always a chance to earn points next round! Let’s check this one out.

Recruit Your Best Team of Heroes!

Adversaries are threatening the kingdom, and it is up to you to recruit the best team of heroes to take them down. It may not be easy, but with proper preparation, your team will be able to complete missions, take down baddies, and save the kingdom! You’d better get started.

Souls! Get Your Souls Here!

These souls are ripe for the taking, but will you be able to collect more than all the other reapers? Reap to move around the soul spaces, sweep the ones that you don’t want off of the grid to mess up the other reapers, and keep as many souls as you can in order to be the best! Let’s check it out.

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