Howdy Painters! I haven’t posted about art in a while, so I wanted to share some pics and details about my latest mini paintings from the last few months! Before this I had only painted a spider for Clank!, (check out the detailed post!), so I was nervous to try something more detailed, and in such large quantity, but I went for it anyway!

I had a lot of fun painting all of these minis, and I think they turned out pretty alright for the most part! But here’s a little look at what I used. If you paint minis too, tweet me the photos! I love looking at painted minis, and I can’t wait to paint more! What should I paint next?


  • My Little Scythe – I got my second copy for only $8 on clearance at Barnes and Noble. The MSRP of the base game is $50 and the expansion is $20. Stonemaier also sells just the base game minis for $17.
  • Primer – I use spray paint primer, which you can get at any hardware store for around $5
  • Acrylic Paint – I use super basic / inexpensive paint that you can get for about $2 per bottle at any craft store. It will require more coats than more expensive paint, but I’m okay with that, personally.
  • Brushes – I used The Army Painter brushes (base coating and super detail) which are around $5 each and I got them at my FLGS, but you can probably get them online as well.
  • Clear Coat – Another spray paint available at hardware stores for around $5.
  • I also used an old, small Tupperware container that I already had to make a wet palette for the paint – wet paper towel, parchment paper, paint. It keeps the paint wet so it’s easier to use.

The Process: I followed the painting guides that were included in the game to get a general idea of a good color scheme, but made some adjustments if I couldn’t get an exact color match or thought something else would look better. Like I said, when using cheap paint you have to do a lot of coats of paint, so they definitely take some time. I didn’t clock it, but it probably took about 2-3 hours per mini, give or take. I try to focus on big areas first, especially to get them to start drying so I can re-coat them, and then I’ll do smaller areas and touch-ups as I go. The always did the eyes last, and luckily the eyes are really big on these minis, so it wasn’t too difficult to do a basic eye with a tiny bit of color. My favorites are probably the wolves!

Materials: Same as above except, of course, swap out the game for Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade, MSRP $50.

The Process: Again, pretty similar. I think these took around the same time, except Faye was probably almost 4 hours because most of her colors were very light, meaning I had to do even more coats to get it to look nice. Full disclosure, which you can probably see in the picture, I didn’t give most of them faces beyond a small mouth. I tried the eyes, but it was honestly so difficult because their features are so small (besides Ed, who has much bigger eyes), so I found it was better to leave them without since you can’t super tell from a distance while playing the game. I was most pleased with Ein, but also really liked how Vicious’s jacket came out.

Final Thoughts: Overall, had a ton of fun painting both these sets. It was long and required a lot of touch ups thanks to many mistakes, haha, but still fun. I’m no painting expert, but from my limited experience, I recommend sitting in a comfortable chair and in an area with great lighting. Take your time and don’t worry about little mistakes, just focus on making your minis uniquely yours! 🙂 Happy Painting~