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Art related posts – i.e. miniature painting, lists about game art, making alternative art out of games, etc.

Marvel United Painted Minis Photos

I finally did it! I finally finished painting all of the Marvel United/Marvel United X-Men Miniatures! It took many months, a lot of time, and a ton of paint, but I think most of the came out pretty well (just don’t look them in the eyes for too long…). So, I just wanted to do a big photo drop of all the different sets. There’s a short pan-over video on my YouTube channel as well if you’d prefer.

Mini Painting!

Howdy Painters! I haven’t posted about art in a while, so I wanted to share some pics and details about my latest mini paintings from the last few months! Before this I had only painted a spider for Clank!, (check out the detailed post!), so I was nervous to try something more detailed, and in such large quantity, but I went for it anyway!

I had a lot of fun painting all of these minis, and I think they turned out pretty alright for the most part! But here’s a little look at what I used. If you paint minis too, tweet me the photos! I love looking at painted minis, and I can’t wait to paint more! What should I paint next?

Upgraded Clank! Monsters

Howdy Gamers! It’s time for some more board game art! Clank!  is one of our household’s favorite deckbuilders, so I wanted to get an upgraded dragon miniature (for the base game) and an upgraded spider miniature (for the Gold and Silk expansion).

In case you’re interested in doing something similar, here’s my materials list and other details!
Happy Creating~

Board Game Art! – Atari’s Centipede

Howdy Gamers!

So a while back I shared an post about making board game art. I want to try and make more of it, and while I hope to, I also hope to share more of it! So as I do it, however infrequently it may be, I’ll share some pictures and then any materials I may use below that. I hope to inspire you to make some board game art yourself for your gaming rooms, or really anywhere you’d like!
Happy Creating~

-Atari’s Centipede board game (picked it up for $2 at the Barnes and Noble sale)
-Packing tape (to reinforce the fold in the back
-Hot glue for all pieces (this was a bit thick for the cards, so in the future I’d recommend double-side tape)
-Sawtooth hanger for the back (this is fairly light, so one hanger is enough and one nail will hold it fine)

Time Taken: About 30 minutes.

My Tip: I usually like to dive right into things and plan as I go. Since this has a lot of pieces on the board, I definitely recommend placing the pieces where you want them first and seeing how it looks before you begin gluing.

Note: This is merely art and does not represent accurate gameplay.

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Board Game Art

So, I know sometimes it can be hard to look at something and appreciate it for something other than it’s intended purpose. Like those crazy, yet awesome, cut-out books people make. But sometimes, and it’s taken me time myself to be able to do it, it’s worth taking a step back to look at and really appreciate the art that can be made out of something that was once something completely different.

And thus, I want to talk to you about the world of board game art! (ooooh, aahhhh). Now, I hear some of you hesitant folks in the back, “Why ruin a perfectly good board game?” and “Why not donate it so someone else can enjoy it?” I see your very valid points, but I have a few of my own as well. (*Please note that these points are part of my personal experiences)

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