Howdy Gamers! It’s time for some more board game art! Clank!  is one of our household’s favorite deckbuilders, so I wanted to get an upgraded dragon miniature (for the base game) and an upgraded spider miniature (for the Gold and Silk expansion).

In case you’re interested in doing something similar, here’s my materials list and other details!
Happy Creating~

-Spider Mini ($5.00, WizKids, came primed)
-Dragon Mini ($8.00, Reaper, came primed)
-Paint (About $2.00 per color at any craft store; we used a very basic acrylic paint)
-Matte After Painting Spray ($4.00 at Wal-Mart)

Time Taken:
The spider was about 3 hours and the dragon took about 4 hours, and then about an extra half hour between 2 coats of the spray. (I did the spider while my fiance did the dragon for painting).

-Don’t be too concerned with perfection, especially if it’s your first time painting like it was for me. Everything will be okay!
-Do your research about wet painting, dry painting, washing, and other paint techniques
-Have Fun!!