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Mini Painting!

Howdy Painters! I haven’t posted about art in a while, so I wanted to share some pics and details about my latest mini paintings from the last few months! Before this I had only painted a spider for Clank!, (check out the detailed post!), so I was nervous to try something more detailed, and in such large quantity, but I went for it anyway!

I had a lot of fun painting all of these minis, and I think they turned out pretty alright for the most part! But here’s a little look at what I used. If you paint minis too, tweet me the photos! I love looking at painted minis, and I can’t wait to paint more! What should I paint next?

3, 2, 1 – Let’s Jam to a Space Serenade!

While criminals run amok all over space, we’ll need a few good bounty hunters to take them down! The catch? Oh … well … only one of you can be the best in the solar system, obviously. Will it be you?

Whether you choose to overpower these brutes with your strength, or investigate their crimes with clues, you’ll want to thwart these baddies before they can escape. So, are you ready to jam?

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