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PAXU 2023 Recap!

Welcome to a massive recap of PAXU! It was another great year of the show. Games, vendors, pin trading – the works! All smiles all weekend long. So grab a cup of your beverage of choice, pull up a comfy seat, and check out aaaallll these PAX highlights.

Just want to see all the games I got to play at PAXU? Check out my first round of new-to-me games — New To Me December 2023 Part 1

2022 Year in Review!

Another year come and gone! Here are some random gaming stats and fun facts from 2022!

PAXU 2022 Recap

Hey Gamers! I wanted to do a not-so-quick post (there’s a lot I want to say, so it’s gonna be long, okay?) to recount my latest PAXU experience! As always, I had a great time. It was my first year with a media badge, and it was a great privilege to have, so I’m very appreciative of that, thanks PAX! I felt like it helped me make more connections with publishers, which was awesome! Without further ado, let’s dive in!

2020 Year in Review

To recap my 2020 Goals: I wanted to have 1,500 plays, play on 300 days, and have an H-Index of 10. Without further ado, here’s my 2020 Year in Review.

Number of Plays: 1,156 – 1,500 was a bit ambitious… but this number is still pretty solid!
Unique Games Played: 551
Different People Played With: 37 (thanks virtual gaming!)
Unique Locations Played At: 8
Hours Spent Playing Games: 734
Number of Days Played: 316

H-Index: 10  –  ergo, we played 10 games, 10 times. The games we played at least 10 times were: Just One, Legendary: A Marvel Deck-Building Game, Cartographers, Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated, Monikers, Sagrada, X-Code, Fluxx, Kamigami Battles, and Qwixx

My 2020 Win Percent: 53%

Stephen’s 2020 Win Percent: 49%

My Favorite New-to-Me in 2020 Game: I played about 206 new-to-me games in 2020! So… I can’t be expected to pick just one! So here’s a few: Tidal Blades, Cartoon Network: Crossover Crisis, and Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade. Additionally, Stockpile Continuing Corruption was my favorite new-to-me expansion in 2020.

Stephen’s Favorite New-to-Him in 2020 Game: Stephen couldn’t limit himself to just 1 game either! His top new-to-him games that he played this year were: Empyreal: Spells & Steams, Heroscape, Cowboy Bebop: Space Serenade, and Tidal Blades. Additionally, his favorite new-to-him expansion was the Stockpile Continuing Corruption Expansion as well!

2021 Goals: Play a boatload of games and have a boatload of fun!

Additionally — An Announcement!

Going forward I’m no longer going to be doing my weekly plays lists. I haven’t really been enjoying putting the lists together as much, so they’ve been bogging me down a little bit. Instead, I’m planning on posting more pictures frequently on social media (so make sure to follow me), and I’m thinking of trying out a “new to me last month” series! Thanks again for another year of gaming. Let’s make 2021 one for the books!

Happy Gaming~

A Clank! Legacy Recap

Hey Gamers! I mentioned in a recent weekly plays list that I finished up one of the Clank! Legacy campaigns I had been working through! I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts on it in sort of a mini-review. But beware! There will be spoilers below. So if you plan on playing it and don’t want spoilers, don’t continue! That is all. Otherwise, enjoy!

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