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Can You Agree to Disagree?

How well do you think you know your friends and family? If you know where some of their opinions lie, then you’ll be able to easily find topics you disagree on! Remember it’s okay to agree to disagree; in fact – it’s the best way to score points!

Eat, Drink, and Deduce!

Care for a spot of tea, darling? What a lovely hat you’re sporting, I almost didn’t recognize you! What was your name again…Sebastian? Oh no, perhaps I have you confused – you must be Carlton! No matter; eat, drink, and be merry, friend! It is a tea party after all!

Memories Right in Your Hand

Would you remember the trip to the arcade if you felt a coin in your hand? Does a small piece of fabric remind you of your blanket on the beach? Memories are easier to recall when you see the photos of past events, but it’s time to test if you can feel your memories through just a few small objects in the palm of your hand. Let’s check it out.

Find the Facts Amid the Misconceptions!

Think you’re good at telling fact from common misconception? Then this might be the game for you! You’ll need to be careful to see through the falsities, and the tricks laid out by your opponents, to discover the cold had facts. Let’s check it out!

Give Clues, Act Out, WIN!

If you like charades, and games like Time’s Up or Monikers, and you want something similar but with a little bit more challenge, you might want to check out Rabble! Will your team be able to guess all your random words and phrases, or will you fumble under the pressure of the time limit? Let’s check it out.

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