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Souls! Get Your Souls Here!

These souls are ripe for the taking, but will you be able to collect more than all the other reapers? Reap to move around the soul spaces, sweep the ones that you don’t want off of the grid to mess up the other reapers, and keep as many souls as you can in order to be the best! Let’s check it out.

Get Ready to Get Your Life Together!

Finally – a day off! Time for nothing but relaxation; just TV, games, reading … oh, but there are also chores to take care of too. Hmmm…. No problem! There’s 12 hours to spare, so I’m sure you can find the perfect balance between care and chores, as long as you drink plenty of coffee to help you through the day, of course! Well, we better get started before the day has gone to waste!

Hop Away From the Hippos, Hamsters!

Asset provided by TIN ROBOT GAMES

Today is the day, fellow hamsters! We’ve escaped our zoo enclosures, and we are outta here! Now we … wait … is that a lotus flower? Well … a quick detour never hurt anyone, right? I’m sure there’s nothing dangerous or terrifying lurking below the pond’s surface. Nothing at all. Everything is going to be fine! Well … here goes nothing!

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